Globally Recognised Body Transformation Expert and Fitness Entrepreneur.

Unlock your full potential in the gym or in business with guidance and mentoring from an elite coach who’s been there, trained champions, and built a seven-figure fitness business along the way.
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”I train with Mark because I believe if you want to be the BEST you have to train with the BEST! When I get in the ring, I want to be confident that I am stronger, faster and fitter than my opponent and training with Mark and his world-class trainers gives me this confidence.”
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Andrew Moloney
Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist. Former WBA World Champion
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HI, I’m mark Ottobre

I’m a globally-recognised body transformation educator and mentor, and the founder of Enterprise Fitness. 

Over the last decade my team and I have trained 300+ first-place winners in bikini, figure and physique competitions, as well as Commonwealth Games gold medallists, Olympians, and even a former Prime Minister.

If you stepped foot in a Melbourne gym in the early 2000’s you probably walked by me training at some point (sorry if I was hogging the squat rack) on the path to winning Melbourne’s Strongest Man (under 90kg class) and competing in multiple bodybuilding shows.

Now, after two decades in the trenches building my knowledge and business, I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned, raise the standards of personal training industry-wide, and instil the mental edge that creates champions in and out of the gym.

The truth is, the majority of people have the right motivation but the wrong mindset.
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Most People Treat Health and Fitness as a List of Things to Do Instead of a Lifestyle to Practise.

If you’re like most people, you don’t need a better diet to get in shape. Instead, you need to learn and develop new, daily practices. Those practices become habits, those habits form patterns, and predictable patterns create long-term sustainable results.

My unique philosophy of training, nutrition and supplements works alongside a shift in your mindset that delivers lasting change. 

Over decades, my methods have proven to help people achieve what they thought was impossible. The combination of training, diet and mindset has led to transformational results… both for everyday folks wanting to transform their bodies and health (see Enterprise Fitness’ hundreds of 5 star Google reviews), and for elite athletes and trainers wanting to level up their results (just see Enterprise Academy’s Success Stories).

Groundbreaking New Book By Mark Ottobre Reveals...

The inside secrets to long-term body transformation

This book is your ticket to becoming your best
(and hottest) self. 

Ever seen those before and after photos? You know the ones… someone overweight and unhappy on the left, and toned and transformed on the right. The Enterprise Diet unlocks the secrets and strategies you need to do just that.

This book is the culmination of two decades, tens of thousands of clients, 100’s of hours of research and my own practical experience finding the exact systems and methods we share with Enterprise Fitness clients everyday.

Now, The Enterprise Diet is available to you with a clear, no-nonsense approach to eating well, training hard, and sculpting the body you’ve been dreaming of.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


You Don’t Need a Better Diet

The psychology of change. Learn the mindset shifts you need to ditch diets forever and free yourself from yo-yo dieting and lack-lustre results for good.


Where Should We Begin?

Learn how to start your day the right way and discover sustainable eating habits to support your goals and power you through the day without cravings.


Chapter Three: 
Hormones and Calories

Break down the truth and myths about hormones and calories with simple, no-nonsense advice. Learn the truth about diets and the principles behind them.


Chapter Four: 
A Session with Ms. Hungry

How to implement a realistic nutrition plan. Learn how to enjoy your meals and stick to a sustainable diet without stalling your progress or blowingyour results.


Chapter Five: 
Putting Your Plan Together

We’ll move beyond theory and learn to put your plan together, so you’re in control and know exactly what to eat (and when) for your body composition goals.


Chapter Six: 
Foods to Eliminate, Reduce or Replace

Find out which foods are making you feel fat, bloated, and tired. Plus, learn which foods to eliminate, reduce or replace (and why) to help get results and improve your health.


Chapter Seven:
Don’t Blame Your Doctor

Discover the scientific advantages of using advanced supplementation and lab tests to bio-hack your way to better andfaster results.


Chapter Eight: 
My Thoughts On… (FAQ)

The most common nutritional hot topics exposed… from organic food to kombucha and more. All the stuff you wanted to ask, answered without BS so you can take action immediately.

*300+ pages of game-changing info
”The book you’re about to read is a simple-to-follow format that condenses a lifetime of information from a man who has not only been in contact with the industry’s best for over a decade but has joined that list right alongside them.”
Dan Garner
Athlete, Olympic medalist & Hollywood High-Performance Consultant

Train at the House of Champions

Enterprise Fitness

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As Melbourne’s premier personal training studio, we’re not just looking to train you, we’re looking to transform you.

Across thousands of everyday Janes and Joes, as well as elite athletes and bodybuilding and fitness champions, my team and I have helped deliver jaw-dropping transformations that aren’t just making t-shirts fit better or getting social media likes – they’re reigniting confidence and changing lives.

More than a place to lift weights and lose fat, Enterprise Fitness creates Australia’s best trainers thanks to our unique philosophy of training, nutrition and supplements.

Whatever goal you want to achieve is only a matter of time at Enterprise because when you surround yourself with the best, you become your best.

Come discover excellence with us.

”I have been training with Mark since 2007 and have not only trained for improvements with each competition, I have challenged myself with achieving more titles each time. These include two consecutive Ms. Olympia’s, three consecutive Ms. Australia titles as well as two All Female Classic titles.”
Janet Kane
3x Ms Olympia. 4x Ms Australia. 3x IFBB Arnold Classic Champion

We’ve Transformed Thousands of Lives Over 10+ Years

Looking to transform your body and life? These people have. Now it’s your turn.

Advance Your Career

Enterprise Fitness Academy

The Enterprise Fitness Academy is the exclusive collection of strategies, systems and processes I used to go from earning $16.75/hour to a multi-million dollar training business. 

Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to level up your success, these coaching courses will give you the elite education and guidance you need to confidently get your clients results, charge what you’re worth and become an
in-demand and respected person trainer.

Enterprise Fitness Academy offers 4 paths to greatness:

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The Internship

It’s time to unlearn bad habits and flip everything you THOUGHT you knew about training and nutrition on its head.
Elite Results Bootcamp img

Elite Results Bootcamp

Prepare to be pushed harder than you’ve ever been pushed before in a hands-on 3-day boot camp for serious trainers only.
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It’s time to eat up the competition by increasing your business knowledge, training education and earning potential.
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Wolfpack Alpha

Elite mentorship, quarterly Masterminds, an exclusive community, plus access to EVERYTHING across all Enterprise Fitness Academy courses.
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An Exclusive Opportunity to Work 1:1 With Me

Become an Alpha in the Industry with an Exclusive 12-Month Mentoring Program

Some of you have already attended my internships and courses, downloaded my podcasts, or been coached by one of my awesome Enterprise Fitness trainers.

But maybe you’re still looking to take the next step up, smash through plateaus and unlock new levels of success…

 Making this jump is easier when you’ve got the guidance and support of someone who’s already sprinted a mile in your shoes (we’re not walking here). That’s why I’ve created a mentoring program for elite personal trainers looking to level up every aspect of their business.

If you’re ready to become an Alpha, click below to find out how you can work 1:1 with me and unlock seismic success.

Health. Performance. Fitness

Mark Ottobre Youtube

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How do we deliver so many head-turning transformations? What foods absolutely have to be in your diet to support muscle growth? What surprising workout left an Olympic athlete shattered (with literal egg dripping down his face)?

Join thousands of subscribers tuning in for the latest video tips, tricks and resources. You’ll step behind the scenes at Enterprise Fitness as we smash common fitness myths, break down in-depth training tutorials, hear from our satisfied clients, and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.


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The Enterprise Fitness


It’s like a punch to the face with information.. but in a good way. Welcome to The Enterprise Fitness podcast. 

I’m the host of The Enterprise Fitness Podcast – your backstage pass to remarkable health transformations and fitness journeys. We’re the personal training studio known for the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos that make you double take so hard you risk a neck strain.

Grab your headphones and listen in as we share our specialised knowledge honed from years working with a diverse range of clients, from everyday fitness enthusiasts to champion athletes.

New episodes drop weekly so you can level up your fitness knowledge, ignite your motivation and turn your aspirations into achievements one episode at a time.

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