Charles Poliquin.

Internationally renowned strength coach, teacher and mentor to thousands of strength coaches and personal trainers around the world and todays guest on my podcast show.

My first meeting  with Charles was when I was fifteen-sixteen, reading everything he wrote on T-Nation. I remember thinking, man, this guy makes sense and I would love to learn from him one day.

That one-day came in 2010 at my first BioSignature course. After that course I immediately booked myself in for the next PICP Level 1 and 2 courses which just happened to be in Ottawa, Canada (that’s a 30 hour plus plane flight from Melbourne, Australia). I wrote a blog about it and everything… Remember?!

Charles came back to Perth, Australia at the end of 2010 to run several courses to all of which; I was there with bells on.

Charles Poliquin & Mark Ottobre
Charles Poliquin & Mark Ottobre 2010

So as the years have gone by, to date, I think I have attended every course that Charles taught or has offered. And if he so happens to create new courses (BioPrint, Athlete Internship, Programming Internship), you can bet, I’ll be one of the first to jump on a plane to stay on the cutting edge, like Reece and I did this year in Montreal….

Melbourne Personal Training
At Atlantis Gym in Montreal – Too busy for blogs this time – 2014

But why?

In a phrase, Charles is the real deal. His teachings have helped me fast track both my training and career and I know that is also true for hundreds of trainers and coaches around the world. When you have the option to get to where you want to go faster, why wouldn’t you invest the time, money and energy?

For me personally…

But probably the best thing Charles has ever done for me was giving me a reality check when I first met him back in 2010 of what it takes to be successful in this industry. The hours upon hours of learning, the travelling and not compromising on quality or results. He held me to a higher standard to which I held myself.

Now with my own studio, staff of 14, best of the best equipment, training more female champion competitors than I can count–Once again I have Charles to thank for helping me get there.

melbourne personal trainers
Charles with the Enterprise Fitness Crew

The strength, fitness, nutrition and supplement world owe HUGE thanks to Charles Poliquin- regardless of if you agree with all his philosophy’s or not.

In this podcast, I wanted to create a space where we could celebrate such a career as I believe, it’s well overdue.

I hope this podcast inspires you to get started on your journey, whatever that maybe. It was Sir Isaac Newton who said, “Stand on the shoulders of giants, not in their shadows.”

I hope from listening to this, you realise your goals and dreams are attainable and everyone starts somewhere 🙂


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Maximus Mark Ottobre

Owner and Director of Enterprise Fitness

Charles Poliquin and Mark Ottobre
Charles Poliquin and Mark Ottobre – 2014

5 Responses

  1. Hey Mark,
    Cool insights into his background.
    Really nice to hear something different.
    Learn and apply!!
    Don’t just learn…
    What’s some of the most useful things he has taught you personally?
    You know, like things that you use all the time or have really progressed your knowledge.
    Well done mate.

    1. For me personally…

      Charles taught me best practice to measure and quantify clients.

      He introduced me to REAL supplementation and the amazing effects it can have on client compliancy and results.

      He gave me numbers and percentages to work from so I can analyze what lifts need to be brought up to achieve optimal structural balance for athletic endeavors.

      He opened the gateway for learning from other experts in specialized fields like heavy metal detoxification.

      He taught me the principles of business that has helped springboard my company, Enterprise Fitness to success.

      thanks for the comment

      1. Just realised you covered that in the show notes above buddy. Sorry mate was just listening to the podcast and didnt read through your notes. haha.
        Good stuff mate.

  2. I just started reading about CP because my trainer is into him. What did *I* learn about him in the past 3 days that I’ve been reading everything I can? 1. He likes to swear like a drunken sailor in some Youtube videos. I feel a bit embarrassed for him, because he comes across as a redneck. It’s weird, sorry. 2) In some of his blog posts, he’ll often refer to scientific papers as being conclusive about A B or C, but when you actually read the papers in detail, they sometimes say nothing of the sort. Is he a bit sloppy on the science side of things (doesn’t mean he is not a great trainer)?

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