It’s Maximus Mark Ottobre, owner and director of Melbourne’s premier Personal Training studio, Enterprise Fitness and here is your official invitation to learn from me and our crew privately…

Most of you know who I am so feel free to skip ahead. If you’re new to the site, read below:

My name is Mark Ottobre (Maximus Mark). I started in this industry as a sole-trainer employed by Genesis earning a measly $300 per week. Today I own my own private personal training studio and have a fabulous team who are like the real life Justice League of personal training! (I buzz being batman!)

Our studio is decked out with first class equipment… and when I say first class I picked the premier option for everything, from our bars, to our racks to the bumper plates to the fans that shoot out water mist!

And how did I get there you ask? Doing what I love, personal training and nutrition. I did not build my business as an Internet marketer (I tried) but after many failed attempts, I went back to what put me on the map, getting results for clients!

These results have included training and coaching the 4-time Ms Australia, 3 time Ms Olympia, the current welterweight Australian champion (boxing) and a ridiculous amount of fitness, sports and figure competitors to stage where they either win or place (as well as everyday folks who have had enough and want to transform their physiques for good).

Wanting to share my knowledge further, I authored three eBooks (two of which are on the kindle) and have written articles for magazines such as T-Nation, Muscle Mag and Australian Natural Bodz. Wanting to mix it up and chat to some of my personal heroes in the field of health and fitness, I started my own podcast show. Today the podcast show includes interviews with renown experts such as Jonny Bowden, (best selling author of 15 books), John Demartini (world renown expert in personal and professional development) and Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, (one of the world’s leading authority in the field of gluten sensitivity).

But there is still so much more to give! So I developed a program specially for Personal Trainers and physique competitors to enable them to take their game to the next level…

Our internship program:


I have a true passion to educate and inspire personal trainers and strength coaches and help them enjoy some of the success that I have been able to enjoy – there really is no other reason why I run these. As my wife said at our last internship, I am in my element teaching and presenting.

The internship is my way of giving back to the industry and helping to raise the standard of trainers everywhere.

Our internship program always sell out fast, watch some of these videos and you will begin to see why:

David Gonzalez (Melbourne):

Kathie Nisbet (Sydney):

Aaron Lapira, Body Revival (Melbourne):

Carmelita Varelas (Adelaide):

Karmin El Barche, Discover Personal Training (Melbourne):

Scott Trestrail (Adelaide):

Ben Lee, The Iron Project (Brisbane):

Daniel Tramontana, Vision Personal Training (Melbourne):

Fred Masse (Melbourne):

Troy Benson (Adelaide):

Terri Batsakis, Terrific Fitness (Melbourne):


Day 1: Training and Programming


Day 2: Nutrition


Day 3: Business and Success Principles


July 18th, 19th and 20th (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)


Enterprise Fitness

381 Swan Street, Richmond,

Melbourne, VIC

Be quick as we can only take 12 people for this program and it will sell out!

EMAIL for any questions or to pay via EFT.

Payment plans available, email or call 1300 887 143 otherwise use the link above to make the first installment. After you make this payment Enterprise Fitness will be in contact with you to organise payment plan.

This program has a 100% money back guarantee that if you feel we have wasted your time, you will get your money back

Further questions:

Do I get a certificate for attending this course?

Yes, at the end of the course, provided you participated fully in each day, we will issue you a certificate of participation.


Traveling from interstate? Check out hotels nearby below:

As the owner, I get to call the shot’s, so we will have the facility setup for the 3 days for attendees.

Hope to see you guys there,

Maximus Mark Ottobre


More Happy Customers…

Annette from Assist Personal Training:

To have a bad mentor is a great thing but to have a good mentor is like winning the jackpot for your brain. One of the traits of a good mentor is one who isn’t biased in their choice of systems and tools, one who freely shows you who the experts are, not one who secretly mimics the experts and pretends they themselves are the hero.

I will be forever grateful that I somehow stumbled across Mark Ottobre. Someone who confirms in concrete what I already believe in and practice, but someone who challenges me to dig a little deeper, encourages me to improve more and more and helps me find myself and stay true to my values in this whirlwind of a road I’m travelling on.

When I saw Marks post about the 3 day pt internship, I leaped on the opportunity without a second thought. Why? Because I run a PT studio, I mentor trainers myself, I work 70 plus hours a week and I’m still chasing my tail. I got married a month ago and since we got back I have not trained once. Red light!!

This has been far more than a ‘personal training internship’, I believe this has been a pt lifestyle retreat for me, and I say that with full gratitude because I’m walking away with faith that I’m on the right track, my priorities rebalanced and tips and templates on how I can continue to improve our business and the service we deliver to our clients, which already stands out a mile beyond anything else around us, so I’m PUMPED!

Thank you Mark for sharing your knowledge and all you’ve worked hard for. It’s a privilege to have participated in this retreat and it’s a pleasure to learn from you.

When you seek, you shall find! If you’ve stumbled across Mark, it’s for a reason.

Annette Barrott

Body Blitz Health & Fitness

Assist PT Studio, Lilydale


Email from Aine Farrell from after attending our 3-day internship:

Hi Mark,

I just want to thank you for the past few days. As I mentioned in my feed-back form, I did feel a ‘little outside the loop’ in terms of my ability with my previous hip injury which does hold me back however I feel the past few days has also been a catalyst for me to kick my own arse and get outside my comfort zone (in a good way) and not use this as an excuse as much. Each of us are on our own journeys and will take away whatever it is that we need from the internship.

One of the stand out aspects of the internship is that you have a reputation with physique competitors and are known within this area that is often a ‘fickle’ area of fitness. I am impressed that you have such a holistic view and your philosophy is so simple and ‘real’. The BE – DO – HAVE component is very important for everyone in every aspect of life. Thank you for including this in the course as it cemented the internship for me.

Overall the internship was brilliant and very informative. You have a rare natural ability to teach; to impart your knowledge and your passion for your work reflects the BE – DO – HAVE principals. So thank you Mark for sharing this with me and with the group over the past three days. I look forward to now challenging my own body, mind and my own ‘speed humps’ that invariably we all have!

I would also like to mention that your staff, particularly Reece and Nicole were amazing and very supportive to me when I felt outside my comfort zone. They are an asset to your business.

So thanks again and I look forward to meeting with you again with a new kick arse attitude and in awesome shape 🙂

Aine Farrell,

Velocity Health and Fitness Club

58A Parker Street,



David Georgiou, Owner Georgiou Human Performance on his internship with Enterprise Fitness

Mark, I would like to thank you for the time and service you gave me over the internship. It was well and truly worth it, I will be down to catch up again and continue our business association. I will be referring any other PT that is running there own business down to see you, the knowledge I collected from our consultations has increased my business prospects.

I really appreciate all the knowledge you passed on as you didn’t hold anything back. I actually really enjoyed the fact that we run a very similar system of programs and our personal experiences have driven us to success. Your business sense is incredible and as my business progresses I will be booking in more time with you to attack my next business prospect.

I have taken all the notes on board and typed up all of the steps I will be taking over the next few months to make sure my business runs as effective as possible.

To anyone that is contemplating whether to see Mark or not. I strongly suggest that if you want to increase your business knowledge or learn about training Ms Olympia’s that you contact Mark and book in some time with his Internship. It’s a great experience. Thanks Mark


David Georgiou

Georgiou Human Performance

Performance Coach

Please contact us for further information on 1300 887 143 or email

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