Mark shows you how to bench correctly (and has a rant) in this 4 minute video.

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  1. For the record —- I like the Vince Gironda Neck Press when done with a lighter weight. However, this is not a bench press so you are talking about two different exercises.

  2. In regards to the “shit eater personal trainer” comment:

    In my experience their are too many trainers out their who don’t bother to learn. Additionally, they don’t train, don’t have gym memberships, and don’t walk the walk. Watching them train is a train-wreck – yet they are “qualified” to train others? They need to invest in their education, which often the suggestion is snared at as that will take away money for the “weekend” of clubbing and going out. To these trainers – I hope the ‘shit eater’ comment is a cold hard slap in the face to get out of the industry that I love.

    HOWEVER!! If you are watching this video and you do sincerely want learn but were never taught I welcome you. If you are watching this video my guess is that you don fit in to the above category as you are watching this video and educating yourself. Sometimes my intensity offends people – if I have offended upcoming personal trainers who are sincere in making a career in personal training, I both welcome you and encourage you to learn as much as you can from

  3. Another point as well is always have a full range of motion. I hate seeing guys with heaps of weight on the bar and they are only coming half way down.

    What is your thoughts on how far the bar should come down, should it touch your chest, or be one or two centimeters off your chest?

    1. It should always touch your chest to standardise the lift. How can you measure the improvement if the lift has an inconsistent range? You cant.
      Obvious exceptions are rack presses and board presses – these are used again – to stardardise the range of motion.

      1. Half a foam roller under the shirt will standardise a less than full rom lift. Might be a little safer on some shoulders,

        1. You mean like board presses? That’s fine as long as you people don’t walk around saying that’s what they “bench”…

          FYI – Lou Simmons is the guy who brought board pressing into main stream as a way to increase loads and help lifters break out of plateaus.

  4. could not agree more with the shoulder injury thing…. i had a permanent pain every single time i touched the top of my shoulder, and everytime i did presses, especially with dumbells, my shoulder was always stopping me from pushing any decent weight…
    after being shown this technique, not only have my lifts improved… but i havent had any pain in my shoulders since…

    this shouldnt be glanced upon, its very important if you want to have any hope of having pain-free benching

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