Most of you know me… If not, here’s a quick video introduction:

Rather read than watch a video? Its ok, I’ve got you covered:

My name is Maximus Mark Ottobre. I’m probably best known for my work in training female fitness models and figure champions. These are just some of the lovely ladies I have had the pleasure of training and consulting for:

(Click on the name to read their full story.)

Janet Kane, 2X INBA Ms Olympia, 3X Ms Australia

Caroline Hutchinson, INBA novice Fitness Model winner, All Females Classic

Carley Smith, Runner up, INBA Victoria Fitness Model

Lisa Callingham, runner up IFBB Figure State Championships

Belinda Walker, INBA Intermediate Physique winner, All Females Classic

Victoria May, INBA Victorian winner

Jen Oudy, Runner up, INBA Victorian titles

Photo by Zaharoula Photography

Colleen Cutts, ANB NSW Masters Figure winner

Amanda Rakusic, The Queen of Lean, Fitness blogger

And, of course, my beautiful wife Kristine: Novice INBA All Females Classic winner.

And if you’re a fella looking to transform your physique, stay on the page. I’ve trained quite a few blokes to bodybuilding, fat loss and muscle building success. You can check out for yourself whether I am the real deal here: Male success stories.

Man, woman or alien, my philosophy to getting people a photo shoot-ready body is centered around health—not around getting someone to ‘look good’ or ‘be ready for the shoot’. Let me explain…

Looking good is a side-effect of being healthy but being healthy is not a side-effect of looking good. Focus on health and your body naturally finds the right body shape for you. On the other hand, obsess about looking good and watch your frustrations grow. I’ve seen a lot of good women and men lose sleep over their lack of progress in the gym. And when they finally come for a consultation with me, my simplistic ideas about getting in shape sound too radical. I mean, they have tried everything! Everything BUT a sustainable, long-term approach that actually works and is centered around real food.

Let me level with you: My work and philosophy around health and fitness are not for everyone. They’re deep. They make you think and even make some people angry because it brings up a lot of emotional ‘stuff’. If you’re not in a place in your life where you can actually change things, what I have on offer today is probably not for you. It might be best for you to start by downloading my free ebook or reading this article.

What I teach is not popular nor is it in vogue. I’m not into quick fixes and refuse to market my information with over-hyped weight loss claims. If you’re searching for a quick fix, then you are not ready for my message. However, if you are ready for a massive, long-term shift, you have come to the right place.

I teach health and wisdom. It’s a long-term solution to a long-term problem.

In the fitness industry you see many fads come and go. For example:

What I teach is not aligned to a ‘fad’; it’s based on sound principles around health, fat loss and fitness that will stand the test of time. If someone wants to label my work as ‘Paleo’ or ‘high-fat’ then that shows they are still searching for labels to subscribe themselves to in order to be a part of something. Why not just be healthy? Why do we have to be a part of a diet cult?


I’m not concerned with the labels as much as I am with the results and after many years of working one-on-one with people, six days a week, five to eight hours every day, my business has exploded. Not because I am an outrageously good marketeer but because what I teach actually works and my clients honour me by telling their friends and family ‘that you have to go see this guy.’

As my business is growing, my personal time is becoming more and more precious. At times, I am booked with consults months ahead of time and frequently have people from interstate fly in for three hour consults. While there is a lot I can share in three hours, I want to be able to share more information to more people in less time, including the ones who can’t make the flight over to Melbourne. Also, I thought it would be nice to give my interstate clients something to take home when they needed a little more advice from their favourite Personal Trainer 🙂

So we came up with a way where I could share my message of health, fitness and nutrition in an effective manner that everyone could afford and access. More importantly, I wanted people to get my passion and understand the wisdom in what I teach.

So my good friend Dale Beaumont, director of Business Blueprint, suggested we make a DVD set. With Dale’s help we made a mega 10-disc DVD set filmed in HD at our Eat Your Way To Abs seminar May 2012.

Please note: The DVDs are in much better quality than the YouTube clips. I was unable to edit the clips in HD and upload to YouTube so I had to settle with the lower-res YouTube clips.

YES! I want this 10 DVD set of total-nonstop fitness and nutrition education for the low price of only $297  – Click here to purchase your copy

Here’s what the DVDs include:

Disc 1: About Mark Ottobre: My Nutrition and Health Philosophy

Run time: 40:02

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 2: Calorie Counting: What the Numbers Won’t Tell You

Run time: 34:34

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 3: Sugar and Insulin: What Really Makes Us Fat?

Run time: 36:22

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 4: The Mindset of a Champion

Presented by Janet Kane, 3X Ms Olympia and 4X Ms Australia

Run time: 39:54

Disc 5: Supplements and Soil: What Supplement Companies Don’t Tell You and Doctors Don’t Understand

Run time: 46:07

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 6: Drawing the Line: The Difference between Eating for Health, Weight Loss, Muscle Building and a Competition

Run time: 40:51

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 7: Gluten: Why it Makes You Fat, Dumb and Infertile

Run time: 20:08

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 8: Healthy Identity: What’s Your Image of Health?

Run time: 21:10

Presented by Mark Ottobre

Disc 9: Healthy Meal Ideas: What Should My Food Look Like?

Run time: 6:04

Presented by Kristine Ottobre

Disc 10: BONUS Q & A Session: Seminar Questions Answered

Run time: 53:19

Presented by Mark Ottobre

TOTAL RUN TIME: Five and half hours of total non-stop fitness and nutrition education!

YES! I want this 10 DVD set of total-nonstop fitness and nutrition education for the low price of only $297  – Click here to purchase your copy

So, that’s about it folks. If you have read my articles, listened to my podcasts, heard me speak or seen my posts on Facebook and something about me seems to resonate with you, I invite you to learn more.

The DVDs are just $297 and do include shipping to anywhere in the world (yes — just $297, regardless of where in the world you live! We bear the shipping).


More Happy Clients!

“When Mark Ottobre talks, you want to hear what he has to say!”

There are not many fitness professionals I follow but when Mark Ottobre talks, you want to hear what he has to say!

Mark really knows his stuff and this is evident in his latest DVD collection based on his seminars, Eat Your Way To Abs.

I’m a mother of two who has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and I’m always looking for ways to increase my own knowledge, both personally and professionally and it’s only really been the last 5 years when I became more interested in how to achieve optimum health due to my father’s illness that things really began to click and my knowledge and passion for nutrition and how to use food to heal grew. 

Mark’s spot on with everything he talks about; to be in the best possible health, you need to start with the basics; Gut health & the right nutrition are paramount in achieving any goalfull stop! 

Janet Kane’s ‘The mindset of a champion’ talk was totally inspiring! What an amazing womena true champion!

If you’re a fitness professional or a health enthusiast, these DVDs are a fantastic resource with a baseline of incredibly informative material that will set you apart from the rest. 

Danielle, Melbourne

“I learnt so much at your seminar and it is information that is worth every cent and more”

Hi Mark,

I am writing this email as I wanted to say a big thank you to you.

I attended your Eat Your Way to Abs Seminar in May and it has really changed my life and the way I think about food and health.

I used to train up to 6 times a week in the gym and I was still at least 20 kg overweight. Countless personal trainers told me that my eating habits were great but the weight would just not budge. 

The weight loss finally came when I started “eating my way to abs” which included eating a high protein real food breakfast and improving my sleeping habits amongst other useful advice. I now eat 34 “Lion” sized meals a day and I don’t feel like I’m constantly hungry! I eat when I’m hungry and I move on. I am also sleeping much better than I ever have. I have lost 10 kg but the big difference is in the inches that I have lost. I feel stronger in the gym and I am starting to look like someone who actually trains. My husband is also eating similarly and is leaner and stronger than he has ever been in his life.

I learnt so much at your seminar and it is information that is worth every cent and more. I never thought that I could feel so fit and healthy and I would recommend your seminar to anyone that has tried to lose weight because if you follow this plan you will succeed.

Even though I don’t train with you I would like to thank you for your time and wanted to write you this email as I feel that you have changed my life for the better as I have struggled with my health for the last few years and I am now the fittest I have ever been.

Laura Kocoska

“I feel AMAZING!”

Before I met Mark and Kristine, I was a vegetarian and my diet consisted of mostly soy-based goods. I was tired a lot of the time, I felt weak and was 5 kg heavier with less muscle mass.

I’m always looking for ways to maintain optimum health and weight so Marks’ work interested me. I was surprised to hear from Mark that soy isn’t all I thought it to be. I slowly started eliminating soy and incorporating animal proteins into my diet.

I lost weight in what felt like overnight and became stronger and felt energised.

I used to take the mainstream vitamins that you can purchase from the supermarket or pharmacy. When speaking to Kristine about some difficulty I was having sleeping and the associated mood swings as well as digestive/elimination problems, she suggested I ask Mark for his recommendation on supplements I could take.

It’s been less than a fortnight since I started taking the selection he suggested and I’m sleeping soundly with no difficulty settling, my bowel habits are regular, my mood is better, my mind clearer and quality of life improved.

I look forward to continuing learning and benefiting from Mark’s and Kristine’s experience and expertise.

Joanna Glase

“A big thanks to you!”

You know your stuff and I have really benefited from your help.  I now understand a hell of a lot more… How to eat, stay lean, get stronger and put on muscle at the same time.  I have set a goal to compete in June next year on the Gold Coast for the Asia Pacific Championships. I know I can come in leaner and more muscular on the day without a ridiculous ‘bulking up’ (fattening up) phase in between!

You have been a great coach, a great help to me and now I am more confident than ever.

Anthony Cutajar

Reece – BIG impact!

Just wanted to say thank you again for pointing me in the right direction with nutrition, I have attached a picture to show you the effectiveness your Eat Your Way To Abs seminar has had on me.

Reece Adams


YES! I want this 10 DVD set of total-nonstop fitness and nutrition education for the low price of only $297  – Click here to purchase your copy


You want more proof that this is the real deal? Check our testimonial page at Enterprise Fitness 

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