Nutrition – Past, Present and the scary Future –

(WARNING – This interview will make you look at food and nutrition in a total different light)

An interview with author, Randy Roach;

by Maximus Mark


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Hi folks it’s Maximus Mark, I’m like a kid on Christmas Day, today I am interviewing someone very special, Randy Roach.

Randy is the author of the book Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors which is an absolute fantastic read. Today will be a little bit like that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus turns to Neo and says do you want the blue pill or the red pill? Today you are going to hear things that you may not have heard before and if you have heard them you probably dying to know more information from a really reliable source.

Today I have that reliable source in Randy. Randy has been studying the world of nutrition for over 30 years, he has studied its origins and its roots, the formation and ultimately its political corruption. Welcome Randy and thank you so much for taking time out and sharing the knowledge that you have been acquiring writing your book, Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors.

No Problems Mark thanks for having me.

Most welcome!

It’s becoming more common knowledge that our soil is depleted; I have seen people suggest that the soil was on a decline as far back as the 1940’s. When did the state of the soil really start to decline and why?

I would say the soil started to decline probably several centuries’ ago when we came over and started farming it like we did.

Actually I was surprised also to find out that chemical farming was already well under way 100 years ago. As soon as you start ploughing and turning over the soil you start the erosion in terms of just depleting soil.

We never really advanced ourselves with proper cyclical agriculture in terms of putting back into the land what we took out. We migrated to the notion “we could put back through chemical means” and the subsequent fungicides, pesticides, herbicides; they were all chemicals being put on our land as far back as 100 years ago. We started depleting our land long ago, a lot further back than the 1940’s.

It’s probably just much worse now with companies like Monsanto totally disrupting the whole farming process all around the world in terms of using GMO crops to make them resilient to their round up.   In Iraq and many other places they have come in and totally disrupted century long traditions of fairly sustainable agriculture.

Our soil now is in bad condition.

So do you think it’s just for profit for the farmer or is there more at play there?

There are people who would debate this issue in terms of its not a gimmick and we have to feed more people so we have to do it this way. But when you look at this you will find the industrial entrepreneur will always win out.

It’s always more industry, more industry, more industry and everything in our western culture is more and more chemicals and that seems to be the driving force. You can’t say did they purposely ruin our food supply – probably not purposely, but, in terms of when you look at how they wanted to take control of foods; when I say I am talking about the movers and the shapers of the way the world is going in to more and more control in the hands of less and less people. We are being globalised and the food supply is being globalised internationally. You can see this going back decades.

Back in the 30’s and 40’s when countries decided they couldn’t feed themselves; they have to import. You look at all around the world now even go down to the island of St Lucia where they have a lot of wonderful indigenous food- it’s all exported out. If you go and eat down there it’s all food that has been imported in. Every country has been made now to export all the resources and then to import things back- basically creating this crazy carbon footprint that cost so much in the way we do it now in terms of developing and sustaining ones own resources.

So again, there is some dubious hands at work in terms of orchestrating the way food is produced today, but of course a lot of money is involved.  At least compared to the well being of the food product. The food is totally compromised and we can’t argue that- for the sake of the dollar.

So the soil has been depleted- would you think there is a need for supplementation to make up the difference?

Again, that is another debatable question in terms of integrity of supplements- I don’t really know; I don’t think there has really been great, great long-term studies done on the true benefits of the supplements in high doses.

These are food fractions and our bodies have come along not understanding and not taking in food in that manner. We don’t know if it’s straining us in certain situations or helping us in other situations, so I’m leery about supplements, I would like to think that they did work because it would be a great magic fix, but we have been dousing supplements down our throats for 60 years, 70 years and it’s done nothing to stop the epidemic of degenerative disease- and we take pride in taking more vitamins and minerals in North America than anybody in the world so I can’t answer that accurately.

I’m leery about the integrity of supplements. Many out there would say adamantly that I am wrong that they do work but they may appear to work and do things short term but in the long term, I would like to see a study done where the subjects are taken through gestation; through pregnancies and to see what happens when the foetus is developing and in its early growing years; how the supplements help or hinder with certain diets.

I really didn’t answer your question but I do still take a few – More so food concentrates from fermented cod liver oil, low temperature produced Camu Camu, which is Camu Camu plant which is not so much food fractionated, its just more concentrated with high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D or Iodine, EPA or DHA. Stuff like that.

How much control do you think pharmaceutical companies have over supplements?

They have some control – many supplement companies are almost pharmaceutical companies, but they don’t control all supplement companies- but they are definitely a strong, strong power internationally in getting regulation that’s trying to force supplements out . Through the decades some successful supplement companies have been bought up by pharmaceuticals and then basically run out of business in a few years.

But pharmaceutical companies are also profiting out of supplements- even though they would like people to all be on drugs because they can’t really patent anything that’s natural in supplement so they would eventually like to see them being put out and they are doing this very well in terms of Codex Alimentarius and being behind the United States FDA, Health Canada and producing regulations that are just strangling the hell out of the supplement companies.

And putting out a lot of BS, like we are doing this to protect you!   There are hardly any notable deaths from supplements as compared to the hundreds and thousands that die each year from the direct result of toxicity of taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Yeah definitely, you mentioned …

Sorry, they absolutely have their hand in there but they don’t have total control, they would like total control, they would like to get rid of them (supplements).

Do you think they will ever get total control?

They may, but for them to have total control they would have to be a global tyranny because they can’t lie, they can’t force us on drugs – now your talking about a global dictatorship.

No, I don’t believe that’s going to happen. But they are trying to just in terms of having control and greed but they are having a lot of trouble and much of it is falling apart on them as well.

They have been doing this for years and there is a lot of money behind these global initiatives, it goes back to the League of Nations, back in 1921 after World War 1, and the formation of the council on foreign relations and the royal Institute of international affairs; these are all global initiatives, put out there by not just one particular country.

Its like the federal reserve thing in the United States the majority of people think the federal reserve is an American institution, it’s not it’s privately owned. The way they name things confuse people who think these initiatives are put out by this country and that country but these are pure global dictates that are driven by dubious characters who I would just call “global architects;” they have no alliance to any country. They want world government and they have been working on it for a long time.

It use to be thought of as conspiracy, but it’s not a conspiracy any more. It is quite evident that they want international guidelines, international laws and that’s why we have NAFTA, GAT over here, the world trade organization and the European Union, but 50, 60 years ago people would have laughed at the notion that all those European countries would get together to share a currency and trade and there working on the North American Union and its all covertly over here. There are still people today denying that there is a North American Union behind the scenes and a “Amero” in the works.

They are now starting to break the surface in mainstream and are talking about it. Like I said it’s happening, but again, in order for them to do that- they want to have the food supply internationalised, globalised and controlled.


You mentioned Codex Alimentarius can you explain to our listeners who have never heard of Codex what exactly that is and how that is going to have a big impact on nutrition and supplements?

Who in the hell would know what Codex Alimentarius means? It’s Latin. Why would they name it that?! They name it that so you and I don’t know what it is, it’s jargon, jargon was created to keep people out of the conversation and to keep it monopolised and in control.

So they call it Codex Alimentarius which basically means food guidelines. Alimentarius is Latin for the GI track and Codex is some type of hierarchal structure.

It’s basically international food guidelines and the matrix of this came out of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other initiatives going quite away back.

More so after World War 2 when the United Nations was launched and the World Health Organisation spawned from that and the food and agriculture association; basically the matrix for codex was laid down in 1962. Everything starts as recommendations and guidelines, but sure enough they had a mandate behind the scenes, an agenda to eventually make them law.

It lay dormant for quite a few decades until I believe the World Trade Organization (WTO) started to pick up and they were going to adopt these guidelines now as there laws.

So all countries involved in the World Trade Organization- they would be more favourable and the laws would fall on their side in terms of food regulations. (Remember everyone is importing and exporting now right.) This is how they basically sneak these things in and next thing you know your dealing with new laws here internationally.

There is lots of litigation going lots of fighting going on behind the scenes. The mainstream media doesn’t cover any of it, they never have covered any of this and that’s there job, not to cover it. It’s basically been a media black out on many things going on.

Even in Canada with these ridiculous licensing laws put out on the supplement industry which would force so many people, such as small distributors out of business, because they can’t afford to conform.

But again, you are not seeing it in the mainstream media, they don’t talk about it. Its up to the individual person who watches TV and reads the newspapers that’s their source of news, they don’t know what is going on- and then they wonder what happened to certain things that have just suddenly disappeared because they weren’t aware of what was going on behind the scenes in terms of certain laws that have been put out without there knowledge.

You also mentioned the “Globalisation Process”, could you just elaborate on that for our listeners.

Globalisation has been going on for over 100 years and I am going to talk more about this more in volume 3 of my book because in Volume 1, I talked about basically the take over of the American Medical Association, back in 1910 with philanthropic money from the Rockefellers Foundation, and the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research and the Carnegie endowment fund with Doctors Simon and Abraham Flexner who worked for those two organizations and they helped in terms of reformatting in the American Medical Association which was not very impressive at the time.

Basically they weren’t dominant.

Homeopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy they were prominent as well in terms of choices for medical care. But with the insurgence with this money and reforming along the lines of scientific methods, pharmacology, research labs…

Naturopath, homeopath chiropractic they don’t use drugs so they weren’t going to receive any funding in there schools. So eventually a lot of those schools shut down and basically the new paradigm of medicine, which was going to be drug based- took control.

These tax shelters, the Carnegie Endowment fund, Rockefeller, Guggenheim and Ford, they all spawned on to the scene like crazy between 1910 and1930 because these foundations weren’t going to be taxed because they created these shelters.

The people who I call the “Global Architects”, are the very wealthy, were talking about people who control banks, people who control oil people, people who control pharmaceutical- They were highly instrumental in bringing in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 in the United States which took power from congress in making money and putting into the private sector which was the Federal Reserve again, never audited.

But in the 1950’s there were many people who were concerned in terms of what was going on in the American education system and more and more questions were asked on who was influencing this “education system” and what was going on with these tax shelters- Who and what are they and what money has been spent and why were they never audited.

Congressman Eugene Cox in 1951 or 1952 received congressional approval to investigate them, then he died and Congressman Carroll Reece a prominent republican politician took over the investigation.  He hired Norman Dodd as director of research and in turn Norman Dodd hired Katherine Casey, a young lawyer who he assigned to go and research the Carnegie Endowment fund and the Rockefeller Foundation; they  were told they were under investigation.

Katherine Casey went to read the minutes of the meeting of the Carnegie Endowment fund going back around World War 1, and she couldn’t believe what she was reading at that time in terms of these elitist leaders talking about taking over the American education system, indoctrinating kids into thinking in a collectivist manner or along the lines of the Social Soviet Union and basically- taking apart the United States. She could not deal with what she was reading and she literally lost her mind and had to be institutionalised according to Norman Dodd.

She saw in those minutes of the meetings this Carnegie endowment fund, these elitists talking about the advantages of World Wars to consolidate power. Hence World War 1 got the League of Nations.

Hence World War 2, you had the United Nations.

Exactly what she was reading she was seeing it happen and transpire; attempts to start to centralised power and globalise.

There are all sorts of theories in terms of what’s going on with these secret societies, (the Club of Rome and the illuminati’s) all different names, but the fact of the matter is it is happening and they are doing it. History clearly shows that and it is very well documented.

Many people have written on it. Professor Carroll Quigley who was I think one of the professors for President Clinton. Clinton used to quote him.

Professor Carroll Quigley was a professor at Oxford and he wrote a thousand page book called Tragedy and Hope because he stated that he worked at the top level of this agenda and he says he agrees with it, he just didn’t agree with the fact that they chose to do it covertly in terms of globalising this planet; basically world government.

The thinking is that some of our best minds, (I guess they determine themselves to be our best minds) got together decades back and decided that if there isn’t a global initiative, efforts to “get things under control” on this planet – we would have basically a social economic implosion by the middle of this century.

So there was people who honestly believed in it.

It’s the same as Star Trek (if you watch Star Trek), the federation and everyone is of one mind, everyone is of one law to keep things from getting crazy.

Back to that congressional investigation in the 50’s- of course these people had a lot of power and they were able to shut down the investigation- but both Norman Dodd and congressman, Carroll Reece behind closed doors were told things, basically that we are going to a world Government and there was nothing that we can do about it.

They do not want the United States and North America way up here, high up in economic status with the rest of the world way down. They wanted it balancing out, but they weren’t going to meet mid way. Basically they are going to pull down the United States economy and our social standing down below, closer to where the rest of the world was, instead of bringing the rest of the world up.

That’s why we have seen from that point on in the 50’s, they call it the DE-industrialisation of the United States; basically start tearing down the protective tariffs.

Before it didn’t matter if Mexico or any other international country wanted to use slave labour. Those products were going to be stopped at the border and they weren’t going to be able to saturate our markets.

But they started to tear them down (the tariffs) and let them come in, so there went the textile industry, out went the shoe industry, the electrical industry, the computer industry – it was by design. And it took them even longer, but finally they even did enough damage to the auto industry. There are books and books written about it.

Farewell America, 1967

A book called Farewell America was banned in the United States. It was talking about much of this, and it goes into the Kennedy assassination as well, but it was mostly about the DE-industrialising the United States.

It is the only explanation for what is going on in the United States in the past year, why know one can figure out, why they are in so much debt; how can you be so stupid to get yourself in that position.

Well there not stupid- It is by design.

Donald Trump was on Larry King about a month or two ago calling his political leaders stupid, saying the United States no longer makes anything. He stated that even his Chinese friends are saying that “we can’t believe what you are allowing us to get away with”- and Donald Trump said our people are stupid.

But I think Trump knows better, he knows our people aren’t stupid, it was by design.

That’s the only way you can get to where we are- is by design. So in a nutshell that’s basically the globalisation process.

Like I keep saying, that involves the annexing of the world’s food supply.

That’s why we have all these huge international corporations like Monsanto, ADM – these guys in the GMO products and farming and Scary-Franken-foods, cold pasteurisation, radiating foods, chemical applications by the tons.

It’s been a bad road for food. We are so far off the natural path of what food and health is supposed to be, it is going to be interesting to see how we are going to reel it back.

Wow! So obviously there is a lot of different things that you have raised there, before I do move on I just wanted to ask could you quickly explain a little bit more about ‘cold pasteurisation?’ This is something you mentioned to me previously, but for our listeners who haven’t heard of ‘cold pasteurisation’ could you just talk a bit about the history of that.

I first read about it 23 years ago.  Harvey Diamond was writing about it in one of his Fit for Life books.

Bringing up the point that back in the 80’s, you are probably to young to remember, but the big talk was what are we going to do with the nuclear waste.

You don’t hear about it any more because they decided they were going to feed it to us.

I thought it was ridiculous. There is no way they are going to take this radiation and this nuclear waste and produce all these smaller radiation plants that are around the country and radiate food and tell us that it is good for us, and that’s how it is going to preserve and prolong shelf life. They were going to call it “pico-wave” at the time, but there is no such thing or scientific term as “pico-wave”.

I kind of drifted away from that until several years later I saw something about cold pasteurisation… And I’m thinking what’s cold pasteurisation?

I know what pasteurisation is, it’s heating. But I looked it up and sure enough its using radiation to pasteurise food. There are a lot of foods being cold pasteurised right now. The power of these food companies is huge.

They are redefining organics and hiding everything in the label. For years they were able to hide and lied about transfats and to basically hide the fact that certain foods have been radiated. People are also fighting to expose them, to get them to label properly so you know what you are getting.

I remember a couple of years ago in alternative news, not the mainstream news, it’s never the mainstream news, there was a big battle on because there was an outcry that the USDA allowed this cold pasteurised meat to be sold to kids at school.

Another case was wanting to make it mandatory that nuts coming across boarders had to be radiated. The nut companies were fighting back and were going to sue the FDA or the USDA (one of the two), they were going to sue them because they have no right to do that and declare that everything has to be subjected to radiation like that.

Remember I told you, in order to globalise the population you have to globalise the food supply.

You have to nationalise and internationalise. And in order to internationalise the food supplies you have to sterilise it because foods are perishable.

Real healthy foods should be a local cottage and indigenous Industry because of the perishability of the food.

So in order for them to justify all the sterilisation, they have kept a decade-long scare or fear campaign that germs are so bad, germs are going to kill you- they are absolutely ridiculous!

They have made us into this total germ phobic culture with absolute lies about the truth about germs and our symbiotic relationship with germs in order to keep us fearful so they can justify pasteurising milk, cold radiating meats, radiating nuts so they can prolong it, ship it further and store it longer.

They will never talk about the truth on mainstream TV. You have to search and research this for yourself to get to the truth about that.

But we had the egg scare, we had the broccoli thing, the peanut butter scare and most of the time it’s these big companies that are responsible. Very seldom it’s ever the small companies or the small farms that do it because they do, do proper farming where as these big gigantic companies that do factory farming are doing all the destruction and that are having contaminated foods.

That’s basically cold pasteurisation. It’s ONE of the food bastardisation processes. The other is obviously genetically modifying it and ladening it with so many sprays and chemicals.


Now you mentioned the germs and bacteria and that we have all been scared of that…


Now you eat your food raw so I wanted to ask you a little bit about why is that, what was the turning point for you, what did you discover that made you think I’m going to have to turn raw and eat my food raw?

There were a number of reasons. I have been studying nutrition for over 30 years, so it wasn’t always for bodybuilding, its’ because I wanted to try and prevent the blinding process. I was losing my eyesight from Steven Johnson syndrome so I experimented with a lot of things.

Don’t get me wrong, I went through all the orthodox, mainstream medicines- and that’s what did all the damage. Years of drugs and more botched surgery’s than you can believe.

But I learned that even the pioneers of bodybuilding in terms of building muscle they use a lot of raw milk and guys like Gironda (and others) ate raw meat and found there was such a major difference and that made sense to me. Why cook the food, how long have we been cooking food and why would we cook?

I mean no other animal on the planet eats food cooked. We are the only ones who do that process and cook foods. So I started drinking raw milk over ten years ago and then about 2 years later I started to eat raw meat.

Now I had been culturally indoctrinated as well so I was fearful. I was fearful of the chicken quite a bit. So much so that it took me another year to even try the chicken, and once I did I liked it very much.

I’ve told the story before that because I was sight impaired I would cut some of the chicken and leave the rest up on the counter as I ate it and then I would forget about it because I didn’t see it.

Later I would put my hand on it and would think, “I’m not going to eat that, I’ll just throw it out, it was sitting there for an hour or two hours.” I kept doing it and finally I got tired of throwing it out, I thought its perfectly good, I was just afraid to eat it because it sat there too long – salmonella was going to kill you.

So one day it was sitting out there for a good eight hours in the summer time and when I put my hand on it, it was actually starting to get hard so I thought… Oh the hell with it!

I ate it anyway!

And nothing-I didn’t have anything. Nothing!

When I do raw eggs, I can’t see when I’m popping the glass and sometimes I will just pop in the glass and bang-slam it back. A few years ago I swallowed a bad egg and I knew it was bad and my mind started playing tricks on me, saying should “I throw that up, should I throw it up, it’s going to make me sick”.

I didn’t, I let it go. I got a bit of a stomach ache but I was really wondering if I had brought that on myself. So the next time I did I knew just before I swallowed it, it was bad. So I swallowed it anyway and felt nothing, nothing happened to me. There was nothing happening to me at all.

Now, just out of curiosity I will sniff the egg just to see what its like.

But again, we are told all these things that the salmonella is so dangerous for us but I mean come on? When I use to eat cooked chicken I wanted to scour and scrub the whole counter and the sink, just before you cooked it.

And here I am eating raw chicken 8 hours old. I had a friend who was fighting with cancer and she was eating raw chicken that was aged for 2 months, we had to go out to my deck it stunk so bad.

I mean it didn’t do anything. I mean what’s going on? Why are they telling us all this?

Yeah sure you must be careful– I tell you the only time I ever, ever got feeling sick from eating meat was when I was eating cooked food. When I was still severely visually impaired (now Randy is blind) that I would cook it, if I didn’t cook it enough, then I put it in the fridge and maybe had it a day or two later, that’s when I got sick; because bacteria feeds on dead matter.

It’s the same as pasteurising milk, you create a wonderful environment for bacteria to flourish. When you take raw milk from cows who have been fed grass, you can enter the e-coli strain and it won’t survive, it’s the wrong environment.

But again, they don’t tell you any of that. They just scare the hell out of you. Constantly scare you.

Especially with the raw milk paranoia, it’s absolutely insane. They have done a really good job of indoctrinating people to be absolutely terrified. They almost treat raw milk as a biological hazard- its ridiculous.

So do you source your meats from any particular place? Do you have to source your meats? I mean can you eat raw from the supermarket or does it have to be brought from…?

I would never eat ground beef from the supermarket because one pound of ground could come from a hundred different cows.

It’s like the milk.

They collect the milk from all different farms in a big tanker truck and it’s all mixed together, then boiled together and processed together. The farmers don’t care how they farm because they know it’s going to get boiled.

It’s the same with the general supermarket meat, a lot of that ground beef is just piled together.

I know my butcher and my sources of meat and yes; you do have to source your meats correctly. You have to be respectful to the foods that you eat. I get natural beef and sometimes its not all grass (its hard to get all grass fed), as long as its not on hormones, but ultimately the best is fresh unfrozen pure grass fed beef because the constitution of the meat is different. Basically the fat makeup is different, the ratios are different, there’s other factors in the meat in terms of vitamin E and C being in the meat. Most people don’t realise how nutrient dense meat is, especially grass fed.

You mention you don’t freeze the meat why is that you’re not a believer in freezing meat?

No, freezing damages it. Maybe not as bad as heating it but freezing cracks the cells and that does damage to the meat.

Even the Hunza one of the healthy cultures in the world, cooked a fair amount of there food, but they also dried their raw meat too. They boiled some meat and dried some meat at lower temperatures.

I look at food as being, how alive it is biologically, in terms of communication with the body.

I used to be able to eat a lot of meat by putting sauces on it, but I would pay for it the next day, it would come right out on me, I knew I didn’t digest it. When I eat pure raw meat, I know how much I can eat, my body just stops me.

The food processers have really mastered bypassing our satiety point by making foods now (especially carbohydrate foods) that you can eat and eat and eat- tons of it!

I never really eat potato chips, but years ago, I would have a handful of chips and that would be enough. I wouldn’t want any more. Whether it was the salt content (or what ever), I just couldn’t eat any more.

Now recently I bought some potato chips because I was having people over, I even went to the healthy, natural food part of the grocery store and bought the best ones and I tried and thought, “Hey, that’s pretty good.” I ended up eating the whole bag!

I didn’t understand, I could have eaten more; I said to myself,  “how did I do that?” I smoked it! You look at the ingredient list and whatever they had done they were able to make me eat more and more and more food.

It’s amazing how they can duplicate any taste. Do you guys over in Australia have those little jellybeans that taste like all those different things?


Every single taste they can duplicate…

Yeah I know the ones; they taste like watermelon, pineapple, etc

Like I said, it started over a hundred years ago, “our bodies their market”.  It’s a bonanza of crap out there that they are trying to shove into us to make money.

So with the raw food is there any certain preparation or is it just cut and eat?

I cut and eat…

I have a young friend who has good culinary skills he likes to make sauces and do things a little more fancy.

Because I was damaged from Steven Johnston Syndrome, (my intestinal track), I got to be very careful, I’m anaphylactic and have to be very careful. My throat can close on certain reactions, (not to peanuts or anything like that). Something like pepper or hot spicy foods aren’t good for me.

I have improved quite a bit since doing raw, but I am very careful of what I eat. When I eat meat, I eat just plain.

Sometimes I have raw cheese with it or whereas some other people put olive oil and garlic sauces and they actually are quite good, I’ve tried them, but I like to stay really bland.

Sometimes I dry my meat to at about 85 degrees and make something like raw cheeseburgers. I mostly like raw sirloin steak, raw ground beef and raw chicken. Sometime I do raw tuna, but I find raw beef sits the best for me. I am able to eat so much more raw meat than I was ever able to eat cooked meat. I can eat way more calories now.

As a body builder my biggest problem was I could never eat enough food. I could eat to get lean because I never had any problems cutting my calories down. My physiology just wouldn’t allow my digestive system to take in more calories to produce the muscle (you need to take in a lot of calories).

If you look at the guys from the 1950’s and 60’s and the common denominator with the guys who got big before the performance drugs is they could take in a lot of food. They had the sound body constitution and physiology were they could take in a lot of calories, proteins and fats.

A lot of proteins and fats

When I first started eating raw I found I could only eat one quarter pound of raw meat at one time until my body said it was enough, I didn’t want any more, if I eat any more I would gag.

When you are hungry everything tastes good, even the raw meat, and the quarter pound was enough. But that’s changed now; I can take in three quarters to a pound of meat at one time. I find three quarters of a pound is optimal for me. I can do a pound.

So now I can do that 2 or 3 times a day if I want to. I can take up to 3 pounds of meat a day where as before I could never do that unless I tried to trick my body with the sugar sauces. But then by the next day, I didn’t trick anything because it was coming right back out again.

Now I am able to eat a lot of raw eggs and a lot of raw meat and the raw dairy. At my age now I am not so crazy about wanting to get really big like in my 20’s and 30’s or whatever, but I still love training and working out, but the point is that at 50, when people get older, typically you have to watch what you eat as they can start to have digestive issues. (I am going to be 52 this year), mine has improved by going to raw meat.

Have you ever had kangaroo?

No, no, I wouldn’t mind trying it, have you?

Yeah, yeah it’s a fantastic meat, it’s great!

Have you had it raw?

Yeah I have had it raw, it’s great. I guess my biggest thing about raw meat that I’m still battling with is having it cold. I am so used to having meat warm. It’s a minor thing, but it’s funny, it does play a physiological game because you are eating something cold when you are so condition to eating your meat warm.

Oh yeah the western culture has been lulled- (I don’t know if that is the right word, maybe lulled through cuisine).

People love to eat and I don’t blame them. Some people you think are just on this planet purely to eat. Some foods can taste so good, but you know I’ve come to really enjoy what I eat. Because I don’t eat a lot of sugars and spices, I really taste everything so much more. In fact, when I go out to eat something else, that say is cooked and prepared, it can be almost overbearing. Especially stuff that has more chemical in it, you can really taste it.

Yeah you can for sure

It’s crazy; even just a little something like Celtic sea salt is plenty if I want to do something with it. But typically, when I eat a sirloin steak, I don’t put anything on it, I just eat it like it is. But like I said, I will take ground beef and dry that over night.

Do you just dry it in the oven?

Yeah for 24 hours, about 80 degrees (so its very low temperature.)

Then I just put it in the fridge, I don’t cover it. It’s more or less full of bacteria and whatever, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t bother me. Then I might gently melt some raw cheese and put it on and maybe some tomato and pineapple- and its very good!

If you want get into more tasteful things, like when you get the raw honey and raw avocado, that’s magic when those two come together. You might want to chop an apple up and mix it in with raw avocado and raw honey, its awesome! That’s one neat dish that I did do.

Even though I don’t like to mix animal proteins with vegetable fats, I was getting some ground buffalo and having it ground fine and I would mix it with raw honey and raw avocado and that was amazing.

If you can get some raw corked cheese and raw honey- it’s like a cheesecake. Just add some blueberries or berries in season; it’s just like cheesecake.

Raw chocolate with raw butter, raw honey alone is really good. You could add a bit of coconut, or coconut oil for a macaroon and some raw coco powder and that’s the real thing! That’s the real chocolate and it tastes awesome!

There are plenty of foods out there in the raw food camp that are actually quite good. But culture all around the world has different ways of cooking food, and its been well mastered over the centuries. We are the species that likes to eat. It’s funny, no other animal on the planet eats like that, but us.

It’s tough for a lot of people to switch because exactly what you said, they like the meat warm or hot with their spices on it, (it tastes good). I’ve come to enjoy the way I eat it and like I said, when you are hungry anything tastes good.

True, you said you don’t mix vegetable fats with animal fats why is that?

I won’t digest it properly, I just blew up. I tried doing that flaxseed oil way back with some raw meat and wow, that was not a good mix at all.

You know, it’s because I am a performance eater; I eat in a manner that it doesn’t bog me down because I am working a lot of hours a day, sometimes from mid-morning to mid-night and whether I’m training people or just writing, I don’t want to be sleeping in my chair.

So I know what to combine, it’s a matter of learning your body.

Bodybuilding; that’s one good thing about it, you do come to know your body, especially the raw food eating, you really do come to learn your body and what mixes well, what doesn’t mix well (with me), vegetable fats and animal proteins were not one, even though I did get away with that honey, avocado and ground buffalo. (But not so much with the oils.)

The raw meat and raw eggs work very well for me. Raw eggs, raw chicken would work well with me, (you would think it would being chicken and eggs all come from the same source.)

Butter I would tend to put with beef but I am a little careful with butter because raw butter detox, it’s a very powerful detoxifier and I still have drugs coming out of me from way back. I’m careful how much butter I have.

And do you have your vegies raw as well, or do you lightly cook them? There is lectins in vegetable, is that something we have to be concerned about?

I don’t eat that many vegetables, I juice them; I can’t digest them very well. I like the taste of them, but I just cant, they just tear me up.

I ate a whole carrot the other night and I just laid in bed, in woke me up at four o’clock, I could feel it going through me. I don’t know what it is; I just don’t digest them very well. I can juice them fine. I do juice carrots on workout days and drink it with raw eggs.

I juice greens, parsley, celery, zucchini, and carrots. I don’t do much juicing with fruits, but I will treat myself once in awhile and mix it with some cream or raw eggs so it’s not too much of an insulin spike.

I will have some raspberries, once in a while. Sometimes I will have bananas with raw eggs, but again, bananas will raise the blood sugar (so ill have them with eggs)

I don’t do overly well with fruits and vegetables. My staples are meat, eggs and dairy. My dairy comes from grass fed cows and the eggs are from pastured chikens.

And when people say, “that’s all you eat?” You have to remember people have been kept alive solely on raw milk.


Vilhjalmur Stefansson stayed alive solely on meat.

I eat meat, eggs, milk, some raw honey with some fruits, some juiced vegetables, and some wine in the summer and that’s what keeps me alive!

I tried veganism for four and a half years in the 1980’s and it was a disaster for me.

I lost all my strength as a bodybuilder, I stopped benching, I stopped squatting, I stopped deadlifting because I lost all my strength doing it. It took me four and a half years to come to the realisation that I did damage to myself so I had to stop.

I know a lot of people now, (my experience was back in the 80’s) who have gone through that experience, some even longer than mine.

Apparently there is a good book out there called the Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith (Marks note: its actually fantastic)


She was twenty years a vegan, and she was involved with all aspects of veganism, (politically, morally, nutritionally, etc) everything. A whole group of her friends all abandoned it and she was the last one, and the most stubborn and she did the most damage to herself.

I’ve not read the book, I’ve read some reviews on it, I would like to get the book, but I don’t need to read it, I’ve done my own thing.

Even researching with Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors and looking at all the vegan’s in the physical culture field they all abandon veganism, some went to milk and egg, vegetarianism but the pure veganism, they all abandoned it. From the late Jack LaLane (who just died), Paul Bragg, Mark Berry, Bernarr Macfadden – they all at one point were doing veganism and at one point abandoned it and started to eat some meat, or have eggs and dairy in their diet.

It was Harvey Diamond and Marilyn Diamond who wrote the Fit for Life books in the 1980’s, that’s what influenced me and they abandoned it!

They were adamant! They just blamed dairy and meat on everything. But see again, a lot of vegans don’t delineate between properly raised cows and raw milk and properly raised meat.

I have no argument with them at all when it comes to factory farming and the major cattle and dairy industry, and I don’t have that stuff. If I can’t get raw milk, I probably wouldn’t consume any dairy at all.


They have not framed the argument properly at all (the vegan’s).  They have to realise the historical precedence of animal products and animal fats. It has far more precedence than they are trying to push.



and I can say I have tried it. I tried it- For real, four and a half years is a good try!


You know it takes a lot when you are an adult to say “look I screwed up!”

I had a lot of people commenting on my skin, it was a mess in terms of what was happening. But to say to yourself I’ve got to stop this now. I was very opinionated about it. I was trying to push it on other people and then you realise that you made a mistake. This is a very sensitive issue with some people, but since then, over the past twenty years, I have met so many who have gone that same route and have abandoned it. (And now they are writing about it.)


You mentioned before, “why cook food?” Where did that really come from and why cook food? Why not have everything raw? I would just like to get a little bit more on that…

It’s anybodies guess!

There’s all sorts of theories. There’s a lot of ‘evolution slants’ and a lot of ‘creation slants’. Even from a biblical sense, we were vegan from the beginning but something changed. A lot of the spiritual angles, they talked about veganism.

And you know what? I have no problem if that’s the way it was then, that’s the way it was, but that’s not the way it is now and something did happen.

I said, “hey I would be a vegan if it was healthy” because I like the fruits and I like the vegetables, they just don’t like me. You can look at evolution when they pinpoint when we may have started using fire. I was just reading something about the Hunza, talking about from the Greek mythology; who gave us fire? (In terms of starting to cook food and stuff.)

It’s all theory…

It’s all speculation, when did fire come into play, how long ago? Five thousand years? Farming came in six thousand years? Ten thousand years? Who taught us to farm? They all speculate.

Some of these statements made by these Doctors with PhD’s, they sound ridiculous!

They say, “ten thousand years ago we domesticated cattle and pwoof, just by chance we evolved the gene to produce an enzyme to digest it.”

And I read that again and thought, did he just say ten thousand years ago we domesticated cattle and pwoof, just by chance we evolved the gene to digest it?

That’s a fairytale, that’s bullshit. I mean come on; do you want to try another one?

Like I said, all this stuff is just speculation and theory. We don’t have any concrete facts into when we started anything or when anything came to bear because one theory would be absolutely countered antithetically by another one.

It’s like everything in this world its black and its white there are polar extremes with everything, even with training principals, with Veganism to meat eating, to everything. There is a polar to everything, its called dualism.

I don’t know where it came to play. I tend to think it was not a good thing that happened, obviously because I eat raw.

Why it took off as it did, I don’t know. From a hunter, gather situation, take your pick, read your theory, whatever. Read all the different theories and eventually you will throw it all up in the air and say whatever.

Use commonsense then, just logically, again you can’t deny the historical precedence of animal foods in our diet, cooked or raw or a combination of the two.

Dr. Robert McCarrison clearly showed that even the amazing Hunza had dairy in their diet, some meat; the only reason they restricted their meat is because they didn’t have it. It wasn’t abundant to them. They were very healthy.

Bob Hoffman who wrote in 1940, Better Nutrition in the field of Body Building noted the Masai and the size and strength as compared to that of the Akikuyu tribe who were five inches shorter and 30, 40 pounds lighter and that tribe was more agrarian based. They weren’t totally vegetarian but were agrarian based compared to the Masai who drank the raw milk, meat  and the blood. These Masai were big strong guys.


These were the guys that were taken as slaves. They were very, very strong and healthy. Not like what we have done to the African continent now, basically destroyed it and destroyed their food supply. It’s not the way it was two or three hundred years ago.

Even 60 years ago, Weston Price actually studied these cultures at a very opportune time because he caught them half way (almost) in between there primitive state, but they already started to be compromised by civilisation because there were trading posts there, commerce going on in the area…

So he was able to study large families where half literally wanted to migrate to our crap diet while the other ones stayed on their diet.  He could compare them.

He talked to a doctor who worked with the Eskimo for decades never saw case of tuberculosis or cancers in the Eskimos unless they went to our crap diet and ate our canned meats, white flour, sugar, canned fruits, so all he could do was basically send them back to their indigenous ways and often it reversed it.

Price had his camera and enough diagnostic tools to photograph and note everything. Price was able to look at this from every single angle. You know the mainstream doesn’t like it because he produced enough material to slam dunk just about every way we are practicing agriculture and handling our food supply today. That’s why his material in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is not in schools anymore. It used to be required reading (I believe in anthropology classes), but its not anymore because it’s totally antithetical to the way we have gone in direction with our food supply.

Doctor Robert McCarrison was showing the true cause and effect relationship of diet and disease. Doctor Francis Pottenger did as well. Yet the doctors to this day still don’t take nutrition in there course…

What the hell is with that!

You could maybe make an argument 70, 80, 90 years ago still not a very good argument back then because you are identifying vitamins and nutritionally deficiency diseases scurvy, rickets, berry berry, they knew and identified them as vitamins. They knew what it was; yet still to this day, nutrition is not taught to doctors.

The honest doctors will tell the truth. Western medicine is totally reactionary. There is hardly anything for preventative; we will treat the disease afterwards. Yet you get guys like Doctor Robert McCarrison years back looking at it from a totally different perspective, looking at the Hunza and saying “why are you healthy?”

Doctor Robert McCarrison  didn’t want to see a sick person and try and take a crap-shoot and figure out what’s wrong with them, how to fix that, he wanted to see a healthy people and ask, ‘why are you healthy and how can we keep you healthy?’ He said the Hunza were unmatched. The Sikhs and the Panthans’ (editors note: not sure on the spelling) were two tribes that were pretty close to the Hunza.

That’s why in Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors, the first volume I compare twenty-century bodybuilding. It mirrored very closely to the Hunza diet and Eskimo. One being the dominant protein and fat with moderate to low carbohydrate and the other one being lactose vegetarian diet with primarily milk and egg or just milk and some meat and based on two meals a day.

Those diets had roots from the Hunza and Eskimo and they were very close, like Bernard Mcfadden, Lionel Strongfort and a number of others ate very close to the Hunza where a lot of the big strong men performers like the Saxton brothers and Eugen Sandow ate more towards the higher protein, higher fats and not as much carbohydrates and starch (like the Eskimos).

But the key thing was they all had animal products.

They all had animal products. Price didn’t study any pure vegan. Even in nature, you really can’t do pure veganism because you can get insect larvae on the plant. There is going to be some type of animal product that’s going to be in the process of your veganism.

Only in North America, veganism is unprecedented because our food is stripped clean. (Number one they are full of pesticides). But the way its been cleaned, everything has been wiped off in terms of any residue from say what nature would put on it.

Again unfortunately for people, it’s a matter of how long you last on it.


In my opinion.

From your years of research what have you found to be the most shocking thing that you have discovered?

Probably some of the stuff I won’t talk about on this show, in terms of nutrition?


Actually the food irradiating, that one it blew me away.

I just thought, come on, you have got to be kidding. You are going to try and tell me that subjecting food to radiation is good for us?

I remember reading something saying, it will destroy bacteria, I forget the wording, it was absolutely ludicrous (the wording). Now I am supposed to believe that? Basically subjecting food to radiation that’s going to be good for us.

From then on it was just a slow awakening, nothing is going to surprise me anymore.  If they can irradiate food what else are they going to do to it? So there is nothing that actually horrifies me. But GMO foods are still pretty scary.


What they are trying to hide and suppress are some of the studies showing the animals eating this food and the offspring have all sorts of issues; sterile, sickly, half life spans and to cover this up and again they are doing a lot of this stuff, genetic manipulation behind the scenes.

We don’t know what the hell they are doing.  What they talk about in mainstream is only the tip of the iceberg on what they are doing covertly in various places around the world. The GMO foods are something to be very concerned about especially when you have a company like Monsanto doing it.

Vanity Fair laid them quite open a few years ago, I don’t know if they got sued or not. I remember reading it and thinking, wow Vanity Fair is mainstream media and they are not going to tear apart Monsanto without trying to salvage them at the end, regain them at the end. But they didn’t, they just tore them from pillar to post straight through. They must be afraid of the Monsanto’s as well. Basically the way they are messing with the food supply and the small farmers and the lawsuits that are going on. That’s very disturbing stuff.

What do you think is the biggest problem with nutrition today?

Garbage food… Actually, ignorance.

When I say ignorance it’s not the peoples fault, we were born into a culture, we would like to think that are governing bodies are sincere and honestly looking after us; they are not. They are basically controlled by these corporations; put in office by these corporations.

We go back to when I was younger growing up in the 60’s, there is no way my parents or my generations parents would ever suspect or could figure out that something was rotten and didn’t work. Because at that point we lived in the greatest societies in the world, we had the technology, we were told to look at the freedom we had and everything was hunky-dory and we would never question it.

So you can’t get mad at people when they look at you like your crazy when you are eating raw. Because they want to know, “why, why are you doing that?  Why would you do that?”

Raw food is very effective for people with cancer. I have had about ten people come to talk to me about doing it but none of them would end up doing it, they all died, they wouldn’t do it. Because inevitably some family member steps up and says no, because if it was any good the doctors would know about it.

The doctors would know about it, they don’t want to dare think outside the framework that, if the doctors don’t know about it, why does this guy know about it, what’s wrong with our system?

They don’t like thinking it; they don’t like thinking that far out of the box. People would just go to their death believing in a false belief. Its because we are raised that way, we were raised to think that our Government would never lie to us and we are finding out that’s all they do is lie to us.


Now its less excusable than it was twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years ago. Remember I told you about the congressional investigation of the tax shelters in 1953 when the lawyer, (this is a very highly educated and intelligent woman) Katherine Casey, lost her mind.

Because you have to remember, in the 50’s that’s when the United States was Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple pies, Chevrolet, Yankee Doodle Dandy, the allies, the good guys- there is no way anything could be bad in the United States. Here she is reading about these elitist who are basically taking it over and disassembling it and indoctrinating the youth and she lost her mind because she was forced out of the box. It wasn’t like Randy or Mark telling her, hey you should do some research, she was reading the minutes of the meetings!

Her education tells her, shows her, that what she is reading is official documentation of what was said and been planned and in the meetings of the Carnegie Endowment Fund and she couldn’t deal with that.

Fast-forward 60 years and we have the Internet, we have all sorts of things and now we are inundated with all sorts of news and bullshit, nothing is so surprising anymore.

There is still a great level of indoctrination, but I find that more and more people are open. I tell them I eat raw (and you still get the people who freak out), but then you get other people who don’t.

I get very reasonable reactions, people saying “no, I don’t want to do that, but I will never say never.” Which is a very rational response but they still say, “If I had to I would, but no, I really don’t want to do that” and I say you don’t have to do it.

I do because of my eyesight and fact that I think it’s the best diet bar none for bodybuilding and I have got used to it. I chose to do it and I think it’s very healthy.

There is still that level of indoctrination but it is breaking away. People are starting to wake up and realise that there is a lot of nonsense and a lot of lying going on.

Vaccinations have been shoved down our throats. The pharmaceutical medical fields now are really upset because so many people this year, (they did a pole), the percentage that took flu vaccines dropped dramatically, especially after that garbage scam they pulled off with the H1M1 last year, that was a total dud. There’s a lot of money being made off that. Then they expose that these doctors in the World Health Organization (WHO) had direct connection to the pharmaceutical companies that are creating the vaccines- you know.


Its one great, big happy family there. But people are waking up finding out that they have taken these shots and getting sicker than ever.

Yeah, so do you think that there is anything we can do to fix it?

I just tell people don’t get upset about it

They want you to be fearful; they want to keep you in fear. That’s why the news is nothing but horror stories and that.

Be rational and educate yourself, just do your thing the best you can and in terms of doing the right thing and eventually it will change. Because, like I said, I do not believe we are going to go into world governing; there is too much greed at the top; these guys are fighting amongst themselves and it’s just a matter of more and more people moving to healthier foods, wanting healthier foods.  Its still supply and demand and companies still do want to make money. They will think, if that’s what the people want, supply and demand.

The problem is, that you get these companies to know what you want, but not to have these corrupt bastards who will say, lets just change the labelling and tell them that what we have is what they want and it’s not. That’s the big thing that is going on now is to stop these guys from lying on the labels and say I’ve got organic when its not even close to organic.


The demand is there and the chefs of the world (even the chefs of the world) are saying our food is crap.

When our farmer got caught and raided here with his raw milk, a number of chefs in Toronto stepped forward and backed him and said, “yes we want this food, we want high quality food and raw milk to do our cooking”.

The government has no right to tell us these things. Nobody has the right to tell another person what they can or cannot take for their health. Where do they think they got that right to be able to do that? They are not protecting us. Especially when it is so obvious behind the scenes they are protecting their benefactors, and that’s the big corporation.


Yeah Definitely.


I was going to ask you, if it doesn’t get fixed where do you see the world going in terms of nutrition, but you seem pretty confident that…

Well you are going to see a big drop off the world’s population because one thing they do know for a fact, (and maybe this is one of the things on there agenda) that if you can sterilise the food supply you inevitably sterilize the population.

Because Doctor Francis Pottenger showed this back in the forties when he did his cat study, he couldn’t get past the third generation.

He fed the cats raw food and he fed the cats cooked, processed food, and the cooked processed food group could not get past the third generation. They went sterile.

Of course they had all the diseases you see in our society today, all the skeletal anomalies, all the soft tissue anomalies. But the big thing is back then, they even knew if they didn’t secure and procure our food supply we would be looking at an issue with extinction. Definitely population issues.

It always seems to be the thing about over populating (and stuff like that.) That’s what will happen if we pursue the same course. We are already seeing it; these guys were predicting 80 years ago when we had all these orphanages. Now we have all these fertility clinics and they have a 6 to 8 year waiting list just to adopt a child

So that will just get worse because the kids are being born weaker and weaker, plus you have all the kids on ridlen and all these other drugs.

So they have all sorts of issues going on and most of them, if they can get pregnant will have weaker kids and many of them will not be able to get pregnant.

Also I have just recently seen that GMO foods have a big impact on fertility for male and females as well.

Yeah, everything seems to have a thing on fertility. Again, if you go down that topic you look at guys like Brezezinski, Kissinger and Rockefeller, they all talk about over population.

There is a youtube video out there with Gates, now some people think it was just a little slip, but I don’t think it was. He’s on youtube (you can look him up) He’s on there talking about…

Yeah I have seen him

He’s on there talking about the population going from 6 to 9 billion and saying that with modern medicines and vaccines they should be able to drop that by 15 percent.

Yeah – (Marks note, here is the video:)

So what is he saying?

That’s one of the big scares with people; the vaccines are used to try and control population; Kissinger has written that.

Some documentation of 30 years ago talked about population control through vaccines. I can’t remember the name of the document, but there is tons of stuff out there. You don’t have to read or believe in conspiracies, you can see it happening now with all the people who cannot get pregnant.


And the fact that they have all these fertility clinics and its going to get worse if we don’t do something in terms of fixing our food supply.

So let me ask you, what motivated you and inspired you to tell this story?

I don’t know…

The book officially began in 2002, but if I look at my library here, it actually probably began thirty years ago when started reading this stuff. Something in the back of my head 20 years ago said ‘I want to write a book’, but I remember when I thought about it, I immediately thought, ‘what are you going to write about?’

I didn’t know at the time. The book started as just a request from the Weston Price Foundation to do just a blurb on the history of nutrition in bodybuilding, which I thought at the time would be very easy…But then I found out it wasn’t very easy at all.

You can’t tell the history of nutrition in bodybuilding without telling the history of bodybuilding and you can’t tell the history of bodybuilding without telling the history of the iron game and then you get into the whole history of alternative versus orthodox medicine.

Also now you have this scope and this incredible politics going on.  Because when you get into the medicine and you talk about who controls it, now your talking about the global architects. Then you’re talking about the same guys who control oil, private banking, and pharmaceuticals all that stuff. It kind of just proliferated and not that I necessarily wanted to tell that story it just kind of evolved into it.

A lot of people are writing about it and there are a lot of books coming out, I just kind of taken the avenue of the fitness industry. I think the fitness industry has to wake up. Bodybuilding and this whole physical-fitness boom now, a lot of it rose out of physical culture which the early bodybuilders called themselves physical culturists.

For the first 50 years of this 20th century, we were probably the best source of information on health and wellbeing; it was whole natural foods and exercise.

Then the supplements came in. Many of the original supplements were derived from industrial waste and that’s just the way it was.  But they found there was a lot of money to be made off of it. Now I am not calling all supplements today industrial waste, I am just saying stuff like brewers yeast and soy, and even whey protein powders, whey itself was a biological hazardous waste because they weren’t allowed to dump it in water because its affect on the water.

I am not saying that whey in itself, that raw whey is bad for you, but it was classified that way. You can argue that soy is not good for you and other things; my point was that it changed everything. It was so lucrative, financially lucrative, because its one thing to sell a barbell, you sell a barbell you just lost a customer because they don’t need to come back for another one, right.


You sell them supplements there back monthly, so this was a boom for the fitness industry and it went crazy. It just took off and now today everybody who works out thinks all these muscles come from powders and pills and it doesn’t, it comes from food.  And even if you want quality supplements they have to be derived from quality food sources, right?


A lot of the fitness industry and bodybuilding today, even natural bodybuilding are lost in terms of what constitutes real health and well being.

Bodybuilding, especially competitive bodybuilding, is not at all synonymous with good health, not at all. Anybody can starve. I think the worst thing that they ever did (natural bodybuilders) was try to follow the drug guys back in the 80’s when you start to get more into GH, GH doesn’t just make you bigger, it helps you get leaner.

And now suddenly you had the Christmas tree, you are so lean, your lower back and lats look like a Christmas tree.

The natural guy tried to follow this as well, it’s very difficult to get that lean without drugs and typically what the result is you look like shit. So gaunt and unhealthy your sunken cheeks it is not a healthy state to be in at all and basically that’s what bodybuilding has become, a starvation contest.

The amount of drugs that the professionals are taking today is absolutely ridiculous. That’s just the way it is. I think they have to wake up and realise that in the fitness industry, they are going to number one, they may even lose the supplements if the regulations go through and that they have to understand the power that’s in real whole natural foods.

Absolutely. So there were a lot of things that inspired you to write the book?

Nothing inspired me to write the book I just seemed to have got dragged into it. A lot of people when I wrote the article said there is a lot of information. Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale said you’ve got a lot of information here, he saw it as a book immediately. Ron from Natural Source Products said it should be a book when I wasn’t even thinking about it at all, maybe a pamphlet something like that.

Then it just started growing and it just took off from there.  Suddenly it was no longer one volume, it had to be two volumes, then three volumes and people just started opening up and talking more. What I found is when I retired, (I used to be a computer programmer by trade until my eyesight went) and retired out of that. It does give me more to do other than just training people, it is fun, it’s frustrating sometimes, especially trying to get the information in a format that I can read and deal with it. It keeps me busy.

Probably the inspiration does keep me occupied in the end and I want to tell the story. I love working out ever since I was a kid, I love bodybuilding even though bodybuilding has taken a lot of hits and gets criticised a lot, I got a lot out of it. It gave me a lot of fun.

I have invested a lot of my money into this book and I got angry with someone, one guy out there accused me of this book being obviously funded by the Weston Price Foundation, which it was not. No one has given me any money for it. The Price Foundation hasn’t even reviewed the book in two and a half years. I have invested thousands of dollars of my own money into it and it’s my contribution back. I like the fact that so many do appreciate what I have done in terms of trying to give back.

Of course its history through my lens, everybody who writes is going to look at things from a slightly different perspective. So obviously the book is from my perspective, but I tried to get it as accurate as possible.

Absolutely. Is there any other final thoughts or things that you would like to add?

I think I pretty well, just about, probably one of the longest interviews I have done. I think I have pretty well said it all.

Well Excellent

Without getting into too much about what I am writing about in my current book that I hope to have out; I definitely want to have Volume 2 out this year.

Originally it was going to be the 1970’s and the 1980’s but it got too big, again. It’s just going to be the 1970’s. Arthur Jones is probably 25% of this volume. Arthur’s got a small book within a book in this one. I have got some good stuff from Arthur and pumping iron. It’s the era of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a lot of things going on. I deal with all the issues and the politics and stuff that’s going on behind the scenes.

Not as much nutrition in this volume probably three chapter’s, possibly four. That will pick up more in the next volume. There will be more on nutrition and politics in Volume 3. Volume 3 will be a combination of Volume 1 & 2. Volume 1 was nutrition and a little bit of politics and a lot of bodybuilding.  Volume 2 is a lot of bodybuilding and number three will be a combination of the first two again.


But it will all be around the same number of pages. This book here will probably go over six hundred pages, it might even be slightly bigger than the first which was five hundred and sixty two pages. This one will probably go over six hundred pages.

I can’t wait to read it.

Thank you so much for today Randy,

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I will just add, I have the book Muscle Smoke and Mirrors and did a review on youtube so you can check that out, but it is an absolutely fantastic book that is choc-o-block full of so much information.

I think it starts at I think 1850’s the book is that right Randy?

It goes back, theoretically the first chapter I go back a couple of thousand years.

A couple of thousand years

So primarily it takes off in the 1800’s and mostly the 20th century, up to the end of the 1960’s.

So yeah, you are looking at a lot of great information about the history of bodybuilding and nutrition. It’s a very important read to know where things actually started from and where they came from because once you know that, you really have the power to make the right decisions and not be trapped by traditions and doing things the one way that perhaps isn’t the most effective way of doing things.

And so again I would like to thank you Randy for doing this interview and definitely go and check out the book- You can get it on Amazon and so check it out!

Thanks Randy!

Thank you Mark

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  1. Hey Mark, it’s Jamie here. I just read this transcript from top to bottom and I was totally enthralled the whole time. Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. WOW! Great stuff! 

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