Lets pick up from where we left off last week…

3. Gluten is REALLY That Bad

I’ve been telling people to lay off gluten for fat loss reasons for years! However it goes much deeper than that…

The body actually treats gluten sensitivity more like a virus than a food allergen response. A gluten sensitivity means you can’t have it period! So that means if you have a sensitivity and you have it ‘once in a while’ or as a ‘cheat meal’ your screwed…

Actually to be technically correct you’re screwed for 90 days as gluten causes an inflammatory response. Meta-inflammation (silent) is one of the fastest agents to age the body. As little as 1mg (not even a gram) can cause this response.

The body forms antibodies (like a response to a virus) and those antibodies stay elevated. So when you have them again and again you’re ‘rubbing salt in the wounds’ making those foods even more problematic.

As fellow coach Joey Emont would say…

“Its like your sergeant marked these guys in the battle field for destruction so all missiles are ready and aimed at these dudes or anything that looks like them for while”

Gluten will affect different people in different ways. If your blue eyes and blonde hair, you probably have some form of gluten sensitivity.

It’s estimated by many alternative practitioners that roughly 70% of the population has some form of gluten sensitivity.

This stat led me to ask the question “do I have a gluten sensitivity?”

No… I can eat gluten, but I still don’t, the following notes put me off:

• Gluten affects the brain creating plaque similar to tooth plaque

• Your genetic code affects what gluten affects

• In muscles, gluten sensitivity will affect quadricep strength the most

• Some formula 1 teams have it in their contract for drivers, they must be gluten free

• If you keep eating gluten, restoring zinc levels is near impossible

• Pasta has the highest concentration of gluten

The other insidious thing about gluten is… It can actually make you feel good! Gluten can release endorphins in the brain which actually confuse people thinking they ‘feel good’ when they have gluten.

4. I’m Full of Metal

Yes, even I have a sense of humor…

People these days are too serious, what do you think? I’m getting side tracked, must be the mercury affecting my brain again…

Speak to Poliquin and he will tell you the three main causes of not being able to lose weight are:

1. Toxins
2. Stress
3. Malnutrition

This is something that many respectable functional health practitioners also agree upon.

I was fortunate enough to have an appointment with Bob Guiel, an amazing (but very short) man. He taught the course of NRT (Nutritional Reflex Technique) muscle testing which is up on my list for “best things I’ve ever learnt (along with the bio-signature).

Through the NRT muscle testing he was able to help get to “The Thing” that we all search for…

How To Get Results, Faster, Easier and Long Term…

For me, “The Thing” I need to fix is my combination of high cortisol and metals.

My body is stressed because of the metals so it produces cortisol, and then when I get stressed… more cortisol. I could make the mistake of just taking a supplement that dealt with cortisol (which is beneficial) but that’s really only half the problem. The other half is eliminating the metals.

What the Hell? As if MaXimus Mark is Toxic in Metals

I use to be a meathead, guzzling protein shake after protein shake, keeping an eye on the clock so I didn’t ‘miss’ a meal and ate tin after tin of God-awful tuna.

Ask any one in my family (or who I grew up with) what I had for lunch everyday. It was a 425gram can of tuna. I probably had two 425grams a day every day for over 5 years and I bought the cheapest possible tuna.

I actually brought it in trays of 24 because I ate so much of it.

So its no surprise I still have some metals in the system that need detoxing. If you haven’t already, check out my article on tuna here: http://maximusmark.com/2010/10/not-tuna/

The good part about all this is that Bob also taught me how to help others (such as yourself) using NRT which brings me to my fifth and final point:

5. NRT Muscle Testing – The Ultimate Practitioner Tool!

Combining the Bio-signature test with NRT muscle testing is one potent combination for helping someone achieve their individual goals fast, safely and effectively.

The best part is these tests combined will help “Sally Sue” who just wants to look good and lose some weight to “Jacked Johnny” who is obsessed by big muscles and heavy weights.

Just make sure the practitioner knows their stuff as not all are created equal.

I hope you have enjoyed my 2 part series “A Week With Charles Poliquin – Learning from the worlds most successful strength coach”

Stay tuned for more adventures in 2011!

MaXimus Mark


If you want more information on the bio-signature method visit http://www.charlespoliquin.com/TheBiosignatureMethod.aspx

Or to book in an appointment with Mark to discuss your goals and how Bio-signature and NRT can benefit you- email info@thealphabody.com

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