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Mark OttobreThere is no doubt about it…

What I talk about in regards to health and nutrition is not mainstream…

And that is great… You see if I told you what you already knew then you could expect to get the same results you have been getting…

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

So in today’s show I debunk popular diet and nutrition lies… Many that you probably weren’t even aware of!

If you have met me personally you would know that I am a very raw person, meaning I call a spade a spade… Then I hit you with it just to make sure you knew it was a spade!

But seriously, after seminars, one of the most common comments I get is “I get it now. It’s the way you put things.”

In this episode I go on a few rants which include:

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Mark Ottobre

3 Responses

  1. I loved this. Like you said, this is pretty mainstream stuff. Everyone with a brain knows calorie counting doesn’t work. As a female, I’ve tried calorie restricted diets a few times, I think every female does at least once in their lives. Who here has actually benefited from this?  The golden rule for eating is, if its not sustainable, then its not worth doing. If calorie counting was sustainable and worked, then with that sort of logic, I can sit around all day and eat hotdogs, as long as I don’t exceed 1500 calories, I will lose weight. Or like you said, we could eat dirt all day because dirt has calories. If you believe that, then you have a long disappointing life ahead. I have friends that will yo-yo calorie count. They have periods of eating nothing and punishing themselves in the gym, then they realise its too hard and go back to eating crap all day and wonder why they’re fat, yet they never question what they are doing wrong, they continue that stupid cycle hoping that eventually one day by magic, their suffering will pay off. A part of me feels bad for them, and another part of me says that its their own stupidity.

    With the gluten part of your rant, I 100% agree. I am gluten, lactose and alcohol intolerant.If I ingest so much of a trace of any of those, there goes a good 1-3 days because, to be discreet, I’ll be sitting on the toilet in pain all day. My skin is so now sensitive to chemicals that I break out in a crazy rash when exposed to chemicals, sweat and things like pool chlorine. I wasn’t born this way. After a lifetime of filling my body up with such toxic crap, it has just given up. And I am not alone, it seems becoming intolerant to gluten is a growing trend, and it is! I know at least 5 people who have developed intolerances in their adult years. Is it any wonder why? Even if it isn’t in obvious foods such as bread and pasta, it is hidden in foods such as sushi (vinegar), roast chicken (seasonings), anything containing sauces (because it is used as a thickening agent) and pretty much everything manufactured. People are continously bombarding their bodies everyday with chemicals and toxins! Not just gluten but other nasties like colours, emulsifiers, sulphates, thickeners, preservatives, etc. If you look at a label and it contains things you don’t know or can’t pronounce, then its crap and not worthy of your time. 
    Since eliminating gluten, dairy and additives from my diet and thrown out chemical laden cosmetics and cleaning products, I think clearer, I look better, my acne has disappeared, I feel so much better, I am less bloated, I sleep though the night, and my figure has deveIoped muscle much easier and quicker than before (especially in my quads, your article on that is spot on!) I have actually found that developing intolerances is a blessing in disguise because now I have the best excuse ever to avoid crap and be the healthiest I can be!
    Raw food and natural is really the key.

    (end rant)

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