By Kristine Ottobre

Over the Christmas period while visiting home and catching up with family and friends one thing I got told a lot was, “well I think you need a balance”.

The definition of balance in the dictionary reads as;

  1. A state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight or amount
  2. Something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
  3. Mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behaviour, judgment, etc.
  4. A state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.

So in saying this…does eating healthy the whole week and then binging on every type of food you can put in your mouth sound balanced?

Does consuming copious amounts of alcohol to where you lose control of sense of self, morality or your actions sound balanced? Does the sense of guilt over your actions off going overboard sound balanced?

If I read the above it sounds like my lifestyle is in perfect balance and it is the things I love and enjoy that keeps me balanced mentally, physically and emotionally.

Is it because I care about what I put into my body that makes me unbalanced? Is it because I prefer to take time to cook and prepare healthy meals that not only benefits my health goals but also assists me in managing my time and professional responsibilities?

Maybe it’s because I love to feel energetic, strong and mentally focused, and squeeze as many things as I can in a day to help me move forward with my goals. But should I apologise for wanting things in life that you just have to work hard for?

When did Pizza and a Bag of Chips become so important that one thought they could never enjoy their life if they had to give up those things? When did junk food take precedent over our health and what is good for us? When did we stop caring about what we put or not put into our bodies and just cared about how it made us look on the outside?

We take such good care of our material possessions so they maintain good condition and last longer, why are we so careless with ourselves? We spend so much time clothing and dressing the ‘outward us’ what does the inside look like?

I eat the foods I want and feel great! I enjoy the occasional wines with my friends without going crazy and still feel awesome enough to train hard, feel fresh enough to enjoy the day and not feel awful because I’ve blown all my money.

The lifestyle I have gives me the results I want all year round and with always more room for improvement. So tell me why I would give that up and waste time going backwards and live what others may say is a ‘balanced’ life.


10 Responses

  1. I’m hearing you, I’m on holidays with family and if I hear that too much meat and eggs will make me fat I’ll scream.

  2. Great article Kristine, folks thought Nadia was unbalanced for quitting sugar! Actually people who eat too much sugar are often unbalanced because of the excess fat!

  3. Very well written, us “healthy-lifestyler” always get picked on for standing out. Really great article, take care and thanks for writing the artice, fighting the negative/unhealthy once 🙂 /Fanny from Sweden, Biosignature and PICP coach.

  4. Amen. I never hear anyone praise/saying anything positive on other people’s ability to withstand the temptation of eating junk, especially around the holiday period, all I hear is negative comments. I think the reason is, that when people notice others choosing to fuel their body properly, that they look at what is on their own plate and feel guilt because they lack the discipline to make a pass on crap, and feel the need to make an attack (Especially girls). People make comments like “You don’t need to watch your weight, you know” or “It’s all about balance, you’re allowed a treat” or “Why aren’t you eating that? Are you on a diet?” etc etc. I’m tired of people telling me “Oh my GOD I would DIE without alcohol” or “I couldn’t live without chips!” or people looking at my healthy meal and saying “bread/sugar/etc won’t kill you, stop being a tryhard.” I never hear anyone say “Do you think you should be eating that?” to someone eating something like artery-plugging KFC. Yet they feel the need to attack me for eating tuna salad? Go figure.I don’t feel that I am missing out on anything, and I actually feel amazing with my healthy lifestyle choices. I enjoy eating fresh food and feeling 100% inside and out. I am happy that I am not filling my body with toxins. Why should I be made to feel that I am inbalanced for not eating crap?  I believe that I am in fact, balanced for not doing so. Shouldn’t people be saying “Well done! It seems to work great for you, I’m going to give a healthy lifestyle a go”? Why should people feel the need to make me feel bad because I only put good fuel in my ‘tank’? People should stop accusing others of supposedly being unbalanced just because they are unbalanced themselves. 

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