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It’s Maximus Mark and today I have an absolute treat for you. . .

FOUR never before seen videos taken directly from our last Eat Your Way To Abs Seminar. But before you jump to the video ask yourself if you fall into one of the below categories…

Well today your in luck because we have the solution to your problems! Check out the videos:

MARK’S PHILOSOPHY ON NUTRITION: This is the pillar on which forms your decisions on everyday eating…

THE TRUTH ABOUT SUPPLEMENTS: Why you need them and what the soil has to do with supplements…

WHY DIETS MAKE YOU FAT AND MISERABLE: The mindset that goes with ‘being’ a healthy person…

GLUTEN: WHY YOU NEED TO AVOID IT: Is this the missing link that is cause you NOT to reach your goals…

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My track record speaks for itself. I have trained and consulted for literally countless natural bodybuilders and figure athletes. These people include:

(Click the links to see their full testimonial)

2-time Ms Olympia and 3-time Ms Australia Janet Kane

2-time Mr Australia Tristan Boyce

Belinda Walker 2012 division winner ANB Australasia titles

Lisa Callingham Figure Champion

Carely Smith Champion Sports Model

Jen Oudy – Mum of 4 and in fabulous shape

Photo by Zaharoula Photography

Antony Cutajar Personal Trainer and Fitness Model

Jarrod Boyce Champion Bodybuilder

Sebastian Spangenberg after his first comp

Zach Pozzonbon after this first comp

Erros Chiodo

Mark Quilty after his first comp

Mick and Colleen Cutts Gym Owners and Champion Bodybuilders

Aidan Guyett

Victoria May Champion Sports Model

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture 🙂

So what to do next?

The above is just a tiny slice of what to expect from our upcoming two-day super seminar, Eat Your Way To Abs: The secrets of champion fitness models and natural bodybuilders (July the 28th and 29th).

To register, all you have to do is click the banner below and follow the links. Once you have registered, you will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your booking. If you are booking for multiple people, you can either call our office on 1300 887 143 or repeat the payment process.

Topics that will be covered:




I have lost count of how many titles Janet has actually won. She is the 2 x Ms Olympia and the 3 x Ms Australia and has the mindset to match.

Warning!! This sessions will seriously motivate and inspire you!




Dr Jones graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1980.

Following three years working in the public hospital system, he worked in General Practice, where he specialized in counselling and chronic pain management.

He joined NIIM 2 years ago, where he is primarily responsible for the Clinical Education Programs offered by the Institute.

He is also responsible for the setting up and overall management of the Heavy Metal Detoxification Program, about which he will speak at the forthcoming Seminar.

He is a member of the Life Extension Foundation and the International Society of Nephrology.

Dr. Bruce Jones presentation will discuss:
– Heavy Metals & You
– Detoxification Pathways
– Chelation & Detoxification
– Ascertaining Heavy Metal Burden
– Treatment options



Sick of being motivated to set health, fitness and wellness goals that you later never achieve? Tired of beating yourself up for it? CalinaO will share with you seven secrets to smash self-sabotage and escape this vicious cycle. You will leave this seminar empowered with top quality knowledge to get in shape, inspired to set congruent health goals and armed with a ninja mindset to achieve all you desire.

This is often the missing piece in so many people’s health and fitness.

CalinaO is a Certified Demartini Method® facilitator who has travelled across the world and worked with hundreds of clients globally, assisting them in all seven areas of life, especially health & wellness issues. As a post-graduate psychology & pre-medical student, Internationally Certified Personal Trainer, Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner, C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach and former Australian Lawyer, CalinaO draws upon experience and knowledge in a diverse range of fields, giving her a unique edge in delivering clients highly individualized services for maximum results.

CalinaO’s mission is “to let people know that their mind and body are connected, empower them with the tools to witness and honor this truth in their lives and guide them to achieve maximum levels of health, wellness and inspiration.”



Dine with us!

The first nine people to sign up will also receive a special invitation to dine with the Enterprise Fitness team on Saturday night at one of Mark’s and Kristine’s favourite restaurants in Melbourne. This is a great opportunity to mingle with the Enterprise Fitness crew!


Our special client only cookbooks (eBook format)

The Enterprise Fitness Cookbook eBook: 29 recipes approved by your Personal Trainer!


The Enterprise Fitness Christmas Cookbook eBook: 24 happy and healthy recipes to make with the family

My lovely fiancée Kristine is the best, healthiest cook you will meet! Ok I’m a little biased, but trust me, we receive emails every week from clients telling us how much they love Kristine’s recipes!


Step-by-Step supplement and nutrition blueprint to smash through any plateau.

It doesn’t matter if you forget everything I say in seminar, follow this hand out and you will get in shape!


The slides to take home!

Eat Your Way To Abs Manual with slides from the seminar.

Kristine with the Eat Your Way To Abs Manual – It worked for her!


July 28th and 29th 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)

Register at 9:45 am

Start: 10:00 am sharp

End: 5:00 pm


855 Doncaster Road,

Doncaster, Victoria,

Quest on Doncaster

Check it out on Google Maps here:

Click here for further information about directions.

There is plenty of free parking onsite.

How much is this investment to good health?

$497 per person

How to register?

To register and make a payment simply click here.

Making a payment and registering online is simple and secure. We use a program called 1shoppingcart which is used by over 25,000 businesses worldwide. We do this to ensure your payment is 100% secure.


More Testimonials

Great seminar Mark, the knowledge I gained from the seminar was invaluable not only was I able to make changes to achieve great health goals but i was able to pass that information on to my client who have also reaped the benefits. Can’t wait for the next one!

Adam Fato, Personal Trainer, Pinnacle Lifestyle & Fitness


A good trainer is someone who understands their clients’ needs – who understands that they will never know everything and someone who is constantly looking at how to improve their knowledge and methods. A good PT needs to show that their methods work by producing RESULTS.

Mark has produced champion after champion, successful weight loss with client after client – practical real world results – confirming that Maximus Mark is one of the leaders in the fitness industry.

George Mariolis, Owner of Definition Exercise and Training Headquarters


Since listening to Mark’s advice, about supplementation truth and nutrition…I have built muscle like never before…I have also dropped to my ideal weight and stayed there even when I didn’t train for a week on holidays…and I can lift so much more…eating and supplementation used to be a challenge for me…because I would read so much conflicting information….now it’s a mystery no more. Thank you Mark for your dedication to providing the real information for people. 

John Anderson, Business owner


Mark with what you have taught me, and shown me over the short time I have known you, has been inspirational. You changed the way I look at life, your attitude to negativity, how to turn a negative into a positive, you have been a inspiration to me, it has been this inspiration that makes me dig deeper for the things I want in life.

Failure is not an option.

Thank you for all the motivation that you have given me.”

Dennis Newham, Victoria Business owner


“When faced with the task to come in harder with much leaner legs for this comp and improve over the last comp, I was very hesitant to remove the cardio as Mark had wanted. There was no logic that I could apply from my experience that would give me the confidence with this plan, but with the sheer confidence I had in Mark’s knowledge, I trusted the result would come.

In previous comp prep, I was used to doing 45 min cardio at 5 am (before the kids would wake) and then a grueling 2-hour weight session at 9, immediately followed by the second cardio session of 30-45 minutes.

The third cardio session would be somewhere in between doing the home reading with the kids after school and cooking the dinner. And all this was done at least 12-16 weeks out from a comp.

Needless to say this comp prep did not have all that cardio included. Sure I trained incredibly hard in the gym and in the kitchen, and I literally swapped the cardio with more sleep and happier moments with my children.

I also felt much more calm and balanced and surprisingly still maintained a higher level of carbs up until the competition than I had in previous times.

Having the weekly measurements, I was able to see the incremental changes in my body and that the program was working; seeing these changes, I became more confident in Mark’s plan as I am very results focused. If I were only to judge by the scales, then I would have ditched the program as there was not a whole lot of change in the body weight. Gratefully my body-fat was dropping, lean mass remained the same through the whole process and the targeted sites of my legs were also significantly dropping. I was very happy.

Now that Mark has a process to eliminate the excess cardio and only use cardio as a final prep, WHY would you do it any other way?

Thanks Mark – you truly are a trainer with exceptional knowledge and the results are there for all to see on stage”

Janet Kane, Ms Olympia, Ms Australasia, 2X Ms Australia, 2X INBA All Females winner


Mark’s Eat Your Way To Abs seminar was the most relevant nutrition information I have ever received. It provides useful and applicable detail to all who attend, regardless of background or training experience.

Whether you are stuck in the 80′s food pyramid or are a hard-core Paleo fan, Mark’s insight into the “why’s” of his information is what makes you sit up & take notice.

Backed by real world experience, I would challenge anyone to follow Mark’s advice and NOT see results.

As a trainer, type 1 diabetic & absolute nutrition enthusiast, I would highly recommend Mark’s Eat Your Way to Abs for all.”

As a Personal Trainer, I had attended a number of courses on mainstream nutrition. I always walked out with unanswered questions and could never manage to shed my last five kgs myself, let along teach my clients to do the same. It was extremely frustrating. On top of that I was dealing with a husband and two children that were constantly getting sick, and I had no idea why! Nothing we did seemed to work.

-Wes Brinckley: I would highly recommend Eat Your Way To Abs to all.”


I met Mark at the Australian Institute of Fitness; he was 1 of my coaches there. I instantly warmed to him; my gut instinct told me this was someone I needed to stay in contact with. And I was right. 18 months later, Mark was conducting the Eat Your Way to Abs seminar. Attending that was a no brainer. I had already attended a number of nutrition courses and had no results. Having looked at the people that consulted with Mark, I knew that I needed to be at this seminar. Not only did I attend, but took five people with me the next time he conducted this seminar.

At this seminar I had all my questions answered. I had a light bulb moment and everything made sense to me, regarding nutrition. Within four weeks of attending the Eat Your Way to Abs seminar the first time, I dropped six kgs! AND improved my lean muscle. On top of that I learned why my family was constantly sick; we were all intolerant to Gluten. I took us all off Gluten (yes including the kids!) and nobody has had one dose of antibiotics since then! It’s been four months. To give you an indication, my children took turns on antibiotics, one week each, and my husband had Tonsillitis fortnightly! So to be free of illness for four months is massive in our home.

I have implemented everything I have learned, and continue to learn, from Mark, with my clients too. They too are seeing some amazing results! My business has skyrocketed with all the success stories we are seeing. We always had results — we just have them faster now!

I highly recommend consulting with Mark and Kristine. You will not be disappointed! They are a wealth of knowledge and make it so easy to learn from them. They make you feel welcome and always take the time to answer any questions and provide you with the information to help you move forward. Not consulting with this couple is doing yourself and your business (if you are a PT) an injustice.

— Terri Batsakis, Personal Trainer


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