Breakfast cereals are the devil… Press play to watch the video below:

Would you eat chocolate fondue with marshmallows for breakfast?

Doesn’t really sound like the breakfast of champions does it?

So what does chocolate fondue, marshmallows and breakfast cereals all have in common?

There all loaded with refined, useless, unhealthy sugar. A high carbohydrate and high sugar breakfast is the worse way to start the day — despite what mainstream nutritionists tell you.

If you took one habit from me, take this one: Have a high protein, low carbohydrate breakfast.

What you eat for breakfast sets up neuro-transmitters for the entire day and influences what food choices you make for the rest of the day. There’s nothing wrong with eating meat in the morning; you just might find your not crashing and craving come mid-morning

Maximus Mark

13 Responses

  1. Mark,

    Appetite is not something to bother about.

    You suggest having some meat and maybe eggs for breakfast, but that will not do much for you.

    Probably better to skip breakfast or have some fresh juices and leave it at that.

    You may think that wont get you through the day, but its only withdrawal symptoms you feel just like as if you were a smoker.
    Ignore those ‘ pangs’ of hunger and eventually they dissapear.

    1. Your advice is silly.. last time I checked you were I my website. This is not – I am not a vegan, nor do I claim to be a vegan nor do I accept vegan clients (unless they are willing to eat meat). I suggest that you can take your juice, shine it up real nice, and shove it straight up your vegan arse. I other words, go back to and tell someone who cares.

      1. Interesting response to someone merely voicing an opinion, Mark. I like your blog, and listen to your advice in general, yet this is the problem with the Fitness industry, to many chiefs, not close to enough Indians. You go to 10 personal trainers, and you will get 10  different opinions. On top of that, every one of you will thrash down others as if his advice is God, and any other advice caries no relevance, while you walk around in your PT shirt thinking your a boss. You are a PT for gods sake mate, not a religion… Basic Health 101, eat right, sleep right, exercise right,and you are guaranteed a healthy, happy life. People like you make me cringe in all honesty 

        1. If I make you cringe then get off my blog and stay off. PoetryLark sends me random emails all the time about vegans thus the response I gave him.
          Again Blake, its your choice to read my articles; if you dont like it the solution is pretty simple…

  2. I think oats are healthy. So many great athletes eat oats in the morning. Ive been eating oats every morning for the past several years with only great things to say about them. My fathers been eating oats for decades and hes in great shape. They’re slow digesting, versitile, cheap, and have a great track record. Theyre basically the only carbs i get in my diet besides from fruits and veggies.

  3. great video… i have not eaten cereal for about 4 years now and i am very quick to judge people when i see them in the cereal aisle at the supermarket. if your on a budget and cant eat steak every morning, then free range organic eggs work just as well i feel.
    mark, having reduced gluten/wheat products in my diet has helped me significantly… possibly the best thing i have ever done for myself, and should have done years ago… so thank you.
    keep up the good work mate

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