Hey, hey, it’s Maximus Mark, owner of Enterprise Fitness. Today I’ve got to drop some truth bombs. But first let’s lay the groundwork…

Coke a Cola, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hungry Jacks, Burger King, Safeway, Coles and mobile phones are not normal.

They are all apart of the social fabric that we call life… Common, but not ‘normal’.

Picture this… An Aussie Rules Football field…

If we start from one goal post and walk all the way to the opposing goal square, that distance represents the past two million years of human evolution. The tiny, single, little goal square on the other side represents the last 10,000 years of human evolution. In other words, industrial farming and grains becoming ‘apart’ of the human diet.

Now here’s the interesting part, the last millimetre, (yes, one of the most insignificant measurement you can think of) represents the last 100 years of human evolution.

What happened in the last 100 years?

Coke a Cola, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hungry Jacks, Burger King, Safeway, Coles and mobile phones, trans-fats, Canola oil, HFCS and GMO just to name a few.

Most people live their life on the last one millimetre. Then they develop modern diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, lung cancer, food sensitivities, auto immune disease, etc, etc.

Let’s go back just 40,000 years ago, back before industrial farming. We ate based on what was available to us. You know the foods; things that were hunted, fished gathered or plucked. We ate real foods and real foods don’t have labels, they’re not cool and they’re certainly not ‘in vogue’. Let me define real foods with some basic principles:


We live in this world with marketing presenting itself as fact, where the more you spend on a handbag, the higher on the social ladder you must be and a world where we have no idea where our food comes from. This is a relatively modern invention of man and has only been possible in the last 100 years.

We eat things that could not be made in our home kitchens. For example, imagine making High Fructose Corn Syrup or Red Dye 29 in your kitchen? It’s not possible. Yet we consume it like its going out of fashion.

McDonalds launches a new burger and we race to ‘try it’ with their new thick shake flavour. News Flash! Those flavours were made in a lab, they’re not even real, yet we wear a badge of honour as being ‘one of the first’ to try it (watch fast food nation, a movie based on the unknown facts of the fast food industry).

Someone say insane? No wait! That was the voice in my head…

So the point is health is your birthright.

Actually let me scream it from the mountain tops… HEALTH IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT!!!

So if health is your birthright and you’re finding yourself becoming unhealthy it may be because you have been brought into false truths about the way you should live and eat. Many of our beliefs come from the excessive marketing and ads parading foods as a status item or a tool to fill an emotional void. We confuse marketing with health, or maybe it’s that we replace health with convenience.

Coke tells us that we can “Open Happiness” and now give us the ultimate status item, a coke can with our name on it. For the children of the world, they’re taught that happiness comes with a toy from McDonalds so if ever they’re feeling blue; a happy meal is just $4.95 away.

Anyone growing up in a western society is taught from infancy that processed food is normal. Coming back to the football field analogy; processed foods represent one millimetre of the field.

So here I am, basically standing in the face of western society saying that nothing it stands for is ‘normal’ or healthy or the way we were intended to live for optimal health.

As Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness would say, “how do old foods cause new diseases?”

So there comes a point where you have read enough “7 steps to fat loss” articles and you have to take on a new identity.

This is where most people fail. They do all the right actions but fail to become the person who maintains a healthy lifestyle. This is why diets don’t work.

To gain lasting results, to become a healthy person, you have to think differently. Simple!

So Mark, how do you become a healthy person?

So here’s the formula taught to me by both Dr. John Demartini and Brad Sugars. It’s called Be X Do = Have.

Most people just focus on the have. Example; I want to be 8% body fat with a 6 pack. Here’s where they go wrong;

They focus on the have first. DON’T focus on the have, focus all your attention on the “BE”. Ask, WHO do I have to be to achieve the material result. Then the “do” will take care of itself and you will get the have.

So there, I’ve done it again, gone all deep and stuff and I didn’t at all touch on what foods you should eat. If you want what foods you should eat download my free diet and nutrition program from www.eatyourwaytoabs.com.au … that’s why its there!

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Maximus Mark Ottobre


6 Responses

  1. I read your ebook! It was good! But don’t you think that fast foods are unavoidable? And organic foods are hard to find? And if you can find them they’d be out of reach for ordinary income earners? I live in the 3rd world its easier to find organic fruit if you know someone but its EXTREMELY hard to find free range & organic meat or milk here ever! 
    In a utopian society I would love to live in world where we can get fresh, organic, natural and free range foods. But truth is this is hard! People are way too busy w/ work to dedicate a time for just this! 

    1. its hard because there is no demand for it.. The demand is for cheap food… Start to make people want organic food and there will only be organic food as business want to make money.. its about creating that demand for organics which drives the price down… as you send, in your country there is only organic fruit. That’s the way it should be. I think fast foods are completely avoidable. 

      1. Alot people think that’s all it is. Organic foods slower in growth and the food it produces is alot less fewer and labor intensive as well. So demand and supply will never meet w/ this kind especially if you have to compare it w/ what is being practice right now. Globalization lets just say people find out ways for organic food to become as efficient in food production as fertilize once or GMO once. So what do people in 3rd world countries do to this highly priced foods? They sold outside whether its US, Europe or even Australia. They will never sell their bulk goods locally cause they know that they won’t earn as much. Export laws!!! People may not be aware but the laws being made internationally can produce policies that are ridiculous as well dangerous. Majority of bananas, mangos and pineapples are produce here in the Philippines. Bananas & mangos naturally have spots in them. These are consider fungi and are relatively harmless. But export laws are strict you cannot export any of these fruits if there’s a spot on it. So what they do is treat these things w/ pesticides so that the bananas and mangos that you eat will be spot free! But just the tip the sweetest types of bananas are usually are the once w/ the most spots! 

  2. Another fantastic article Mark, hitting the good stuff. The “Be x Do = Have” is amazing, I’ve never thought about things from that perspective before. Thanks again so much for your insight

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