Environmental Toxins Are Making You Fat, Diseased and Depressed

The following is a transcription taken from an interview with Mark Schauss and Maximus Mark Ottobre on environmental toxins and how to overcome them Due to the nature of transcriptions we cannot guarantee accuracy, spelling or grammar. We think we’re doing pretty well to bring you both audio interviews and transcriptions with world leading authority […]

Popular Diet and Nutrition Lies — Exposed!

Download the show here There is no doubt about it… What I talk about in regards to health and nutrition is not mainstream… And that is great… You see if I told you what you already knew then you could expect to get the same results you have been getting… “If you always do what […]

Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Schauss, author of Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World The full transcription is available here In this interview we covered: Mark’s personal story in how he achieved a victory over toxicity Toxicity explained Answering the statement “you don’t need to detox” The most harmful toxins Toxins that […]

The Alpha Body – (Reach Your Goals)

Would you like me to help you structure your training, diet and supplement plan? I can do this all for you without breaking the bank or having to travel to come see me… When I was eighteen, I went to my first personal development program. The mentor asked us to do a short exercise. He […]

3 Best Supplements of All Time

If you could bottle hard work, it would surely be the most popular supplement in the world. Fortunately for people like me that will never happen… Hard work is the main factor that has made a huge difference in my life. I may not be the strongest, biggest, best looking, or most talented guy (despite […]

Interview with Mark on the Health Fitness Broadcast

Download the full show here: Mark on the Health and Fitness Broadcast Right click and select ‘save link as’ to download to your computer. Or download directly from here: http://healthfitnessbroadcast.com/audio/mark.mp3 Note: If you are using Firefox as your web browser, you may experience problems downloading. Try using Safari or Google Chrome. Download from iTunes here. […]

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